How to remove pop-ups

What is When your browser redirects you to site or you see notifications from it, your computer is infected with an adware. When you visit this website for the first time it will offer you to subscribe for notifications. If you somehow accepted it, the website will provide you with the tons of various advertisements and pop-ups. However, is not a harmless website, the linked websites, redirections caused by it and the ads can surely be. As the rule, linked Read more [...]

How to remove adware

What is is an adware, the purpose of which is to lure victims to download some software. To achieve it, the adware shows victims various pop-up messages, which informs them that their device has been infected with a virus and it requires to download an antivirus program. The soft promoted by such a way is not recommended to be downloaded, as it can be very dangerous. So, now it's likely, that you want to know why you see these pop-ups. As the rule, such malware spread Read more [...]

How to remove ExpertModuleSearch from Mac

What is ExpertModuleSearch? ExpertModuleSearch is a malicious application for Mac OS, that can be characterized as a hijacker or an adware. As the rule, such software spreads by the means of bundles, the terms of installation of which are usually not fully clear. That's why users accept to install ExpertModuleSearch themselves without even knowing it. However, nowadays criminals also make fake installators and fake websites in order to spread it. In the case of ExpertModuleSearch it usually spreads Read more [...]

How to remove MoFinder adware

What is MoFinder? MoFinder is represented as a useful application, that can improve the internet searching experience. Such applications are usually spread by the means of bundling. A bundle is a pack of various software, combined into a single installator. As the rule, the terms of installation of such packages are not clear and users don't even guess, that they allow to install something else together with a necessary program. As the result, MoFinder sneaks into the operating system and changes Read more [...]

How to remove fake Adobe Flash Player update from Mac

What is Adobe Flash Player update pop-up? A great amount of users faces Adobe Flash Player update notification, while they are surfing the internet. As the rule, this notification looks like the real one and the pop-up leads to a website, that looks like the real one in its turn. Once this adware has been installed, it changes the settings of the Safari browser and restricts victims from the accessing to search engines. If victims tried to restore the settings, Adobe Flash Player adware prevents Read more [...]