How to remove SurfBuyer (Mac)

Regardless of the fact that Mac is the most advanced protective operation system, the Mac adware is rare, but it does exist. Adware is the thriving kind of malware that can bombard you with ads and spy on your web browsing. Today we look at one of them called SurfBuyer (Mac). The fraudulent scheme of the program has been developed in order to encourage people to use their deceptive application. SurfBuyer crawls into your system disguised as a tool for displaying best suggestions from online stores. Read more [...]

How to remove “You have a ZEUS virus” pop-up

"You have a ZEUS virus" is a fake scam message displayed within your browser. This pop-up states that your computer is infected with Zeus virus. Moreover, the malware threats to delete all files from your hard drive in case you close the error message. Actually, it's a complete lie. You can keep ignoring fake alert notification caused by "You have a ZEUS virus" pop-up but remember that this deceptive application impacts your PC to act sluggishly or for your web browser to freeze. Read more [...]

How to remove Zwhip

Some of the users install Zwhip in the hope of getting free access to pay services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Pandora. It has been well said that there's no such thing as a free lunch. That old saying applies fully to Zwhip which is adware program, in fact. The showing a lot of annoying ads will be main task of program work. The trick is that the Zwhip changes your system's DNS servers to its own ones. Therefore, even fully removal of this infection, without fixing network settings won't relieve from the problem. Read more [...]

How to remove Ads by {PRODUCT_NAME}

If the browser suddenly started to overrun with infinite number of advertisements, your system, more likely, infected with malicious adware called Ads by {PRODUCT_NAME}. You can identify it by their label that displayed in the header. The working principle is such that the program makes a 'virtual layer' to generate pop-up ads, banner, and other similar ads. In this way, developers generate revenue from pay-per-click or for promoting of downloading questionable software from third-parties. Read more [...]

How to remove RONZAPS

RONZAPS is the name of adware program. As you probably guessed, the main aim of RONZAPS adware is to get revenue from showing huge number of irritating ads. This parasite penetrates into our system in the form of an extension for your browser and then changes the browser settings without user's consent. The program constantly displays pop-ups, banners, coupons, and other similar information which have no benefit to user. Furthermore, these links might redirect you to website containing viruses and other serious infections. Read more [...]