How to remove MoFinder adware

What is MoFinder? MoFinder is represented as a useful application, that can improve the internet searching experience. Such applications are usually spread by the means of bundling. A bundle is a pack of various software, combined into a single installator. As the rule, the terms of installation of such packages are not clear and users don't even guess, that they allow to install something else together with a necessary program. As the result, MoFinder sneaks into the operating system and changes Read more [...]

How to remove fake Adobe Flash Player update from Mac

What is Adobe Flash Player update pop-up? A great amount of users faces Adobe Flash Player update notification, while they are surfing the internet. As the rule, this notification looks like the real one and the pop-up leads to a website, that looks like the real one in its turn. Once this adware has been installed, it changes the settings of the Safari browser and restricts victims from the accessing to search engines. If victims tried to restore the settings, Adobe Flash Player adware prevents Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is ""? "" is represented as the website for adults with the relevant content. When a user opens this website, the website asks to confirm receiving of notifications from this website to continue. However, if you decide to allow it, nothing will happen. This website is nothing more, than the source of advertisements and annoying notifications. These advertisements can lead to the websites, that offer questionable or even dangerous software to download. It's Read more [...]

How to remove DiscoveryEngine adware from Mac

What is DiscoveryEngine? DiscoveryEngine is described as a useful software, that help a user to improve the internet surfing performance. Unfortunately, this application makes it much worse. If it's been installed, the user faces a great amount of advertisements and pop-ups. These messages can be very dangerous, as they can lead to questionable websites, that can possibly distribute malicious software. That's why we classify DiscoveryEngine as the adware. The main function of DiscoveryEngine is Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is is described as a useful software, that helps users to download videos from YouTube and other services. However, it also redirects the user to the questionable websites, that promote different types of malwares, like hijackers, trojans, PUPs and etc. In spite of this fact, it's very dangerous to use services. However, we can characterize this software as a browser hijacker, it doesn't collect the information about the user. But websites, that it promotes, Read more [...]