BitGuard is a new unwanted browser extension that can be installed into you PC. This program promises to protect your browser from malicious add-ons and toolbars, but in reality this program was installed together with any obtrusive browser search hijacker that will not let you to change the default search engine, homepage and new tab page. You should know that BitGuard has no viral nature, but it installs almost without your participation and it blocks your browser, scanning it, so that you cannot use your browser. If you want to remove BitGuard, then you are welcome to choose the removal solution from this page.

Fast automatic solution:

If you do not know how BitGuard appeared on your PC, then you should try to remember what programs you installed not so long ago. If you installed some free programs from unofficial developers, so BitGuard was installed together with it. You just did not notice the tick that is responsible for BitGuard installation. It should have been removed in the process of BitGuard installation. But if you did not remove it and do not want to use this program because of its obtrusiveness, so you should read this program till the end in order to know more about the possible solutions.
BitGuard behaves itself as if it is the best program to protect your browser from browser hijackers, but it installs some of them without your consent. All the actions that you want to perform with your browser are blocked by this program because it scans your browser for other browser hijackers, except the extension that it installed.

remove bitguard from your computer

You can also get BitGuard also downloading any sharing files, media or visiting some viral websites. Being installed into your browser, this program will show you numerous pop-ups and cause slow computer performance. If you want to remove BitGuard, then you are welcome to use the automatic solutions described below.

Automatic solutions:

BitGuard Removal Tool by Security Stronghold is a program that will do all removal work for you. This program was created especially to remove BitGuard from your browser together with hijackers that it installed. If you want to clean your browser from all malicious browser add-ons and set the any browser setting that you like, then you are welcome to download BitGuard Removal Tool from this page.

If you want to use any universal virus removal tools, then you can use Spyhunter, downloading it from this page. Spyhunter will remove BitGuard and its hijackers and also will scan your PC for other computer threats. Spyhunter has easy-to-use interface and several useful tools that will be helpful to optimize your PC.

Manual solution from BitGuard:

Remember that manual BitGuard removal is a very complicated and dangerous process that should be performed by experienced users.

  1. End the following processes in the Task Manager:
  2. Remove the following folder:
  3. Remove the following Registry Key from Registry Editor:
  4. Scan your computer for computer threats with the help of any of the available and updated antivirus tools.

About Author: Material provided by: Alesya Orlova

Remove BitGuard: manual and automatic solutions.

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