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Enigma Software Group (ESG) and their product WiperSoft got numerous media mentions over the years.,,, and many others referred to Enigma’s expertise on questions of cybersecurity. even invited Alvin Estevez, President of ESG, to write several articles on Internet threats you should look out for.

Enigma’s WiperSoft have got some acknowledgement from the press, too, and was recommended for protecting computers. Here are a few instances:

An article in tells us about cybercriminals poisoning Google search results, and gives advice on protecting your computer. Cybercriminals use SEO (search engine optimization) methods to make their infected websites show up high in search results. They try to make them relevant to current events and happenings, in order to lure more people. Antivirus alone will not always be enough to protect your computer. To stay safe while surfing the Internet, the article’s author recommends Enigma’s products along with a few others.

Byron Acohido writes an article in, a security webzine, explaining botnets-induced SQL injection attacks. The hackers exploit vulnerabilities on prominent websites with SQL-based databases and inject them with malicious code. Any person visiting these sites after that will get their computer infected and turned into a “bot”. The criminals will get full access to the computer and will be able to harvest any information they want from it, including financial and other sensitive data.The computer will be used to infect even more reputable sites with harmful codes, besides. The author mentions Enigma’s WiperSoft among useful security tools for protecting your PC against such threats.

An article from a year ago on, a website of WHNT News 19, urges people to be vigilant on Cyber Monday, as cybercriminals become especially active on this day. The article advises against clicking on links in spam emails offering you deals, as these are often fake and will bring you to malicious sites. The author invites Patrick Morganelli, ESG’s Senior Vice President of Technology, to give some advice, and shows recommendations from local FBI Office on avoiding Internet threats.

“To truly insure your online safety have anti-malware software, such as WiperSoft, installed and make sure to run frequent scans and updates,” writes Christine Killimayer, the author of the article. made a post on January 26th, 2015 about curious findings done by Enigma: Apparently, older people are more prone to getting their computers infected by malware, then the youth. The most likely reasons are: older people are less likely to use new and updated (and more secure) operating systems; they mostly use PCs for web browsing, when mobile devices and Apple products are targeted by malware much rarer; younger users know more about the dangers of the Internet, having much more practice with it.

The author asks Patrick Morganelli a few questions on how to protect yourself against viruses and malware. The answer is: Think before clicking on hyperlinks, and get a good antivirus and anti-malware.

“We believe WiperSoft, made by Enigma Software, is the very best at detecting and removing even the most insidious types of infections,” says Patrick Morganelli. He speaks about WiperSoft’s distinguishing feature: free HelpDesk service. If a particularly tricky malware manages to escape WiperSoft’s attempts to remove it, you can use HelpDesk to make a snapshot of your system’s configuration and send it to Enigma’s technicians. They will analyse it and create a customized fix for you.

To sum up, Enigma’s WiperSoft has got favorable mentions by the media in the years since it’s development and was recommended as a helpful tool for protecting computers against malware threats. If you want to install Spyhunter, you can download it using this button:

Main features of Spyhunter 4:

  • Deletes all component parts created by computer threats.
  • Can solve browser problems and protect browser settings.
  • Has System and Network Guards, so you can forget about computer viruses.

*It is a free scanner and paid antivirus tool.

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