Pageset is a browser extension that can be installed into your computer with the help of free software that you can download from some unofficial or even malicious webpages. When this program is installed into your browser, then you can hardly use any other web search. Even if you do not want to use as your default search engine, then you will have to do it. But if you want to get rid of this unwanted search provider, then you are welcome to use redirect removal instructions or removal tool from this page. The manual instructions from this page can be useful, if you are the experienced user that is able to make some changes in the browser settings (described in the article) without any mistakes.

Be4ing installed into your browser, Pageset makes several changes in the browser settings, such as the changes of search engine and homepage. Many users complain that it is hard to remove with the help of manual instructions, because it is able to restore itself after the next or subsequent reboot of your system. This search engine is rather annoying, because it shows ads with links to commercial websites. This browser add-on also is able to collect the users’ sensitive information in order to show that ads that can be interesting to the owner of the PC. redirect removal

If you want to try manual redirect removal instructions, then you are welcome to follow the items.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Tools=> Manage add-ons=> Toolbars and Extensions
  2. Find the add-on here and highlight it, then select Disable.
  3. Then you should change the search provider and the homepage. So, click on Search Provider, then select the provider that you want to have. Then press ALT+X and click Internet Options. Select the General tab and choose the homepage that you want to have there. Do not forget to click OK.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Tools=>Options
  2. Set the home page that you want to use and click OK.
  3. You should click the search bar in the browser and select Manage search engines. Set the needed engine and click OK.
  4. Then press CTRL+SHIFT+A buttons on your keyboard and remove redirect.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Press ALT+F on your keyboard, then select Tools=>Extensions, then uninstall redirect.
  2. Then follow: Settings=>Open a page or set of pages=>Set pages. Set the page you want and click OK.
  3. Click Manage search engines, set the favorite search engine and click Done.

All the made changes of settings will be applied only after the reboot of your browser. If you do not want to perform manual redirect removal instructions, then you can use the special removal tool. You are welcome to download it from this page.

This removal tool will help you to remove from your browser once and forever. You can also use the combined removal instructions: change the settings in your browser, then uninstall redirect add-on. And after that you are welcome to use the special removal tool in order not to let the infection to restore itself.

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