How to remove Widestep Elite Keylogger

What is Widestep Elite Keylogger? Widestep Elite Keylogger is a legitimate keylogger and screen capturing program used for tracing users’ activities. For example, it might be used for parental control or employer's control or tracing users’ activities in internet cafés and etc. Though, Widestep Elite Keylogger might be used by hackers to spy on anyone in the hope to get passwords and other security information. Certainly, you would prefer to remove Elite Keylogger and other spyware from your Read more [...]

How to fix “Windows cannot find Recycler” error

There some unpleasant situations when your system shows you different error messages. These error messages can spend your nerves, so solve this problem and don't let it to fool you. For example you can see the following error message: "Windows cannot find 'F:\RECYCLER\(random_name)'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search." Automatic Solution: {{BUTTON13||Download Read more [...]

How to remove Refog Keylogger

What is Refog Keylogger? Refog Keylogger is a commercial spyware with keylogger, screen capturing, and usage tracking features. It is mostly addressed to parents, employers, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies and is a legal program accessible to anybody. Certainly, tracking users’ activities might be used in a way that is not legitimate. Someone might use it to spy on your private life, or even worse, hunt for passwords and other security information that can be used to steal Read more [...]

How to remove Family KeyLogger

What is Family KeyLogger? Family KeyLogger is a legitimate spyware program for tracing users’ activities on computers. It expected to be used by employers and parents; however, anyone can install and use Family KeyLogger for spying on anyone else. Hackers and your coworkers might use it to spy on your private life and private data such as passwords and other security information without your knowledge. If your security and privacy are important to you, then you might be interested in detecting Read more [...]

How to replace a system file in Windows XP

It is a common case when system file of Windows XP are corrupted and instead of normal boot of your computer you always see the error message if the system loads at all. The corruption can be performed by infections (it is the most usual case) or when an inexperienced user deleted the file by himself occasionally. In any case you should replace a system file in Windows XP and heal your system. You should know that if you do not know how to replace a system file in Windows XP, then you should find Read more [...]