How to remove Vesrato Ransomware and decrypt .Vesrato files

Vesrato Ransomware encryption process Vesrato ransomware belongs to the one of the most widespread family of ransomware viruses STOP(DJVU). The process of infection always proceeds silently, without noticing. Usually hackers spread Vesrato by the means of malicious email attachments and brute forcing of your device's ports. When your device is infected the virus proceeds scanning (it seeks for documents and media files) and then encryption process. After all these steps, your files become unreadable, Read more [...]

How to remove NUKSUS ransomware and decrypt .nuksus files

Nuksus ransomware encryption process Such malwares as Nuksus belong to the ransomware class of viruses. In the most cases, hackers use different email attachments and brute force definite ports of your device in order to inject this virus. After it Nuksus begins scanning (it looks for different types of documents and media files) and encryption processes, as the result your files are unreadable. This process proceeds according to a special algorithm and when it's done your files get a new extension Read more [...]

How to remove MyOfficeX Search hijacker

What is MyOfficeX Search? MyOfficeX Search belongs to the hijacker family of viruses. It means that this malicious software changes the settings of your browser. Usually such malwares spread by bundles (installation package with more than one program) and users themselves agree to install such a software. We recommend you be attentive when you install a program, in order to prevent such situations. After installation the settings of your browser are changed and you can't restore them, as MyOfficeX Read more [...]

How to remove MovieBox Search hijacker

What is MovieBox Search If the settings of your browser have been unpredictably changed and you experience redirections, probably you've been infected with a browser hijacker. This malicious software usually changes your homepage, preferable search engine and redirects you to a special website, which are made for different purposes. If we are talking about MovieBox Search it changes your homepage and search engine to, and then redirects you to the Read more [...]

How to remove Pedro Ransomware and decrypt .pedro files

Pedro Ransomware encryption process Pedro is the type of a virus, which belongs to the STOP (DJVU) ransomware family. Infection with this type of viruses is always unpredictable. Hackers usually use malicious email attachments and direct attacks, provided with a help of the open ports of your device. If a hacker succeeded and got the access to your device, he or she begins injection process. If the virus was successfully injected, it begins scanning (it looks for different types of documents and Read more [...]