How to remove 23qp1 Ransomware and decrypt .23qp1 files

23qp1 is ransomware, referring to the number of crypto viruses that encrypt user data. The thing is the virus affects the most significant files for the user, such as MS office documents, audio, video, multimedia files, archives and much more. Of course, the question arises of how to remove 23qp1 ransomware and decrypt user files, but more on that below. Read more [...]

How to remove Vesad Ransomware and decrypt .vesad files

Vesad is a cryptovirus genealogically related to the STOP Ransomware family. This virus became most active in the middle of June of this year, also running ahead, despite the fact that Vesad targets users who speak English, people from all over the world are trying to remove Vesad Ransomware and decrypt their files. Vesad encrypts user data and adds the .vesad extension to it. Read more [...]

How to remove

What is is an unsafe web page, that will pop-up in a browser without user's permission. The reason why such pop-ups take place is a malicious adware installed on your computer. It will display ads and offer to turn on notifications. Do not try to click on "Allow Notifications", as it may result in getting more malware on your computer. That's why recommend you to remove pop-up as soon as possible. How to remove your computer? The best Read more [...]

How to remove

What is is a non-safe page, that may start to appear in your browser. The main reason to such uncontrollable pop-ups with ads and shady content is a malware infection. This adware may crawl into any system by means of notorious method of malware distribution - bundling. Simply said, a user may download malicious extension with any other software from the internet, which is why it is quite important to be careful when installing any program on a computer. Read more [...]