Is my computer infected?

“Is my computer infected?” is the most frequent question that every user asks himself. Usually when a user faces any strange computer activity or a slight system freeze, then he thinks that there is a virus on his computer. Or maybe even there is a large number of viruses. Of course there are some other symptoms of the infections, I will describe them in this article and will give you some pieces of advice how to dispel doubts that can be bound with this frequently asked question.

If you do not want to read a long article, then you can use this program that will help you to understand the security situation on your computer and will answer your question:

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So, what are the symptoms of infections?

There may symptoms that can lead one to believe that viruses are already in the system. I should refer to them the following:

  • hanging of the computer
  • existence of different strange icons or files on the desktop (or in some folders)
  • strange running processes in the Task Manager
  • the programs that runs or closes without your participation
  • some programs do not work
  • appearance of unexpected error messages
  • sudden windows shutdown
  • presence of sent e-mail spam messages that you did not sent
  • your antivirus does not work
  • you cannot use internet as you like
  • you cannot visit websites of antivirus companies
  • you cannot visit or login in social networks

But you should also know that viruses are not the only computer troubles and so, every enumerated sign can be also the evidence of hardware problems in some cases. For example if your computer is slow and you cannot work with it because of the constant system reboot, then you should check your computer for hardware malfunction. You should also know that some cases of slow computer work can be because of the need to defragment your hard drive, or because of memory lack. Thinking only about some software problems and solving only them, you cannot be sure that the hardware is all right.

Is my computer infected?

In order to answer this question you should read the virus symptoms one more time and think what symptoms are present on your computer. You should remember that it is impossible to enumerate all the symptoms, because of a rich variety of infections. But still the enumerated ones are the most common of them. So, if one of the symptoms exists, then you should take some antivirus measures. I should say that it is impossible to install any of the antivirus programs in the infected system, because this program will be corrupted and deactivated right after the installation and it will not help you to answer the question “Is my computer infected?” and remove the viruses, if they are in the system.

What should I do?

I can advise you to remove all temporary files from your computer, end the malicious process, remove malicious files, check Startup for some strange programs, but all these methods are not 100% effective and if you will do them incorrectly, then you can harm your computer. The best solution is to scan your PC with any paid or free utilities. I usually advise the special program that will answer the question “Is my computer infected?”, it is called Stronghold AntiMalware. You can download this program for free here:

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Stronghold AntiMalware will scan your computer for free, not being corrupted with the existent virus, and you will get the long-awaited answer to the question. You will see the names of the viruses that are installed in the system. You can also use the removal option of this program and remove all the found infections, but this action is paid.

If Stronghold AntiMalware will not detect any infections, then you should carry your PC to the nearest computer center and solve the possible hardware problems.

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Is my computer infected?

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