How to transfer Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive

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How to transfer photos from iPhone to Flash Drive

If you wish to transfer your photos or other data from iPhone 5/6/7/8/X to another device (PC, Mac, Android Phone), you may use different services for this purpose (for example, iTunes). But sometimes it is not easy to transfer data through iTunes, for example when PC hasn’t an internet connection. USB drive is a good old device for photos back up and for presentations and quick access to your data. If you need to transfer photos from iPhone to the Flash Drive on Windows PC or Mac, please read our useful guide below.

transfer photos from iphone to Flash Drive

Article’s Guide

  1. Use Automatic Solution
  2. Manual solution for Windows XP
  3. Manual solution for Windows 7
  4. Manual solution for Windows 8
  5. Manual solution for Windows 10

Recommended Solution

We have a simple and modern solution, that really can help you to transfer your photos between all your devices and operating systems freely. AnyTrans have a wide range of functions: you can export photos from iPhone or iPad to computer, powered by Windows or Mac OS, and also from computer to iPhone/iPad, get any data from iTunes, iCloud, to another Clouds: Samsung Cloud, Mi Cloud, etc., to PC/Mac, external drives, flash and other USB drives.

Download AnyTrans

You could share your photos without any limitations and manage all your cloud services from PC/Laptop. Moreover, Anytrans allows you to manage your videos, music, and ringtones, download any data files to Smartphones with Android and iOS devices through wi-fi or cable. Also, you can share your media between Tablets with Android (or iOS) systems in one single app! AnyTrans is compatible with Windows 10 8, 7, XP, or macOS 10.13 – OS X 10.7. Read more about installation and setting up:

Click Download Anytrans button on your PC or Laptop. Then, choose your language and install Anytrans. You can follow the guide below to copy photos from iPhone to USB Drive without iTunes.
Anytrans transfer from iPhone to Flash Drive

  1. Connect your Flash Drive to PC/Laptop/Mac/MacBook
  2. Run AnyTrans icon from your desktop and choose device manager
  3. Anytrans icon

  4. Connect your iPhone with computer via iPhone lighting cable
  5. Anytrans will offer you to tap trust this computer – tap it on your iPhone, and press continue button on AnyTrans
  6. Allow to copy photos from iPhone to USB Drive

  7. If you will be offered to download Apple device driver – accept it and then choose Content to Computer
  8. Iphone to PC files transferring

  9. Mark all types off content, which you want to transfer
  10. Different types of files for copying from iPhone to PC

  11. Choose export path
  12. How to transfer photos, videos, and other files from iphone to Flash Drive

  13. Click Next button
  14. Final step for moving photos from iPhone to Windows Laptop

AnyTrans supports importing of Camera Roll photos, PhotoStream, Photo Libraries, photos from iTunes, photo albums, etc. When the transferring process will be finished, all your photos from iPhothe will be saved in the selected folder. Note, that trial version allows to transfer no more than 30 files per day. This solution is suitable for Windows XP/7/8/10.

How to transfer Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive without iTunes

Mac OSX:

  1. Connect your Flash Drive or Flash USB To your Mac/Macbook
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad Device To Your Mac/MacBook via lighting cable
  3. Launch Image Capture app
  4. Find your iPhone/iPad in the left bar and open it
  5. Choose all the photos on your iPhone/iPad and select destination for transfer
  6. Press Import

If you are using Windows system, you should make sure that Apple Mobile Device Support drivers have installed on your computer.

Windows XP:

  1. Connect your Hard Drive and iPhone/iPad to your computer
  2. Click Start and choose All Programs > Accessories > Scanner and Camera Wizard
  3. Select your iPhone or Ipad device in the list
  4. Choose all photos, that you want to transfer and click Next
  5. Specify the destination to your Flash Drive

Windows 7/Windows Vista:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad and Hard drive to the computer
  2. Wait for the AutoPlay pop-up window
  3. Choose Import Pictures and Videos in the Device options list
  4. After that, the process of import
  5. Click Import Options
  6. Change destination from My Pictures on your Flash Drive
  7. Click OK

Windows 8/Windows 8.1:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad and Hard Drive to the computer
  2. Open The PC
  3. Right click on your iPhone/iPad, choose Import pictures and videos
  4. Click Review, organize, and group items to import
  5. Go to More Options link
  6. Change destination from default to your Flash Drive
  7. Pick your photos and click Next and Import

Windows 10:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad and Hard Drive to the computer
  2. Open Photos app by clicking the Start menu
  3. Click Import > From USB Device
  4. In the opened window, choose your iPhone/iPad
  5. Select photos you’d like to import and press Import Selected

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