XP Defender is a malicious program that pretends to be a very helpful antivirus program that promises to remove all viruses from the infected PC. But this program has nothing in common with the real antivirus programs. XP Defender has different modifications and every its modification is also a malicious program. It is very easy to detect XP Defender on your computer, because of its annoying behavior. Usually this program pretends to scan your computer and show you fake scan results that can frighten you with the number or the seriousness of the found fake viruses. If you are sure that your computer is infected with this infection, then you should remove XP Defender as soon as possible.

Automatic Solution

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The main aim of the program is to make you to buy its full version. Every time when it shows fake scanning results it will remember you that it will remove all the infection if you will pay money for its full version. You should keep in mind that XP Defender is not a real antivirus program and it should be removed from your computer with any method you like.

Manual Removal of XP Defender

If you prefer to use manual method, then you are welcome to perform the instructions described below.

    1. The first thing that you should do it to end the process that belongs to XP Defender. You should press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC in order to open Task Manager. Then you should select Processes tab and double-click on AdvancedXPDefenderInstaller.exe process. Then you will see the button End Process and you should press it. Do not reboot your computer after this action; otherwise the process will be active again.
    2. Then you should find AdvancedXPDefenderInstaller.exe file on your computer and remove it. Then clean the Recycle Bin. In order to find the file you are welcome to use the Search programs and files option in the Start menu.
    3. After that you should remove the following registry entries:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Advanced XP Defender
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Advanced XP Defender.com

      You should open Registry Editor, so you should press Windows+R buttons simultaneously, then type regedit in the line and press Enter. After that you should do the backup copy of the Registry, right-clicking Computer and selecting Export, then you should save the file in the directory you like. So, after that you should find the registry entries and remove them, using Delete button.

    4. Scan your computer for infections in order to remove XP Defender forever

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    How to remove XP Defender

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