What is u-Search.net?

U-Search.net is a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are a type of spyware and they are different from viruses in their nature. They install on your PC the same way as any other software program, however, sometimes they do it without the user’s content. The browser hijackers may appear on your PC if you download unsafe free programs, or your PC gets infected with a spyware or adware parasite or they can be dropped by some viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

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A browser hijacker, like Yontoo toolbar also, can cause a lot of trouble – it can change your browser’s homepage, search page, it will redirect you to a certain website every time you type invalid address. It can also change your browser’s settings, flood your PC with numerous advertising links, shortcuts and bookmarks. It will complicate your work, stop your from using several Internet resources, send your web browsing habits to a company and no one knows what exactly it will do with this information.

The particular U-Search.net hijacker’s main function is to advertise rogue programs. It changes the results of search engines to send the user to suspicious advertising websites. The hijacker compromises your PC security by disabling all types of security software. The U-Search.net passes itself as a search engine, however, its results will contain only malicious websites’ links.

The browser hijacker should be removed from your PC as soon as possible. However, it is very hard to delete as it protects its files to ensure its long stay on your PC. If you wait to long with the removal, your computer and you will face some serious security problems. The delay in the removal of the browser hijacker may result in identity theft, loss of money and so on.

There are two options that will allow you to get rid of the hijacker. You may either remove U-Search.net hijacker manually or automatically. Note that if you happen to leave some files of the hijacker on your PC, it might be able to replicate itself. Be extremely careful when using the manual solution. To remove the hijacker completely it will not be enough to delete all its files, you will also need to get rid of all the registry keys associated with the hijacker. Modifying the Registry is connected with serious dangers – if you accidentally delete the wrong key, you computer’s system may crush.

The complete manual removal would require from you to stop all the processes started by the hijacker, to remove all the files and registry keys.

  1. Open Task Manager by click Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously. Then locate and stop all the U-Search.net processes. To do that select Processes tab, click on a U-Search.net process and then click End Process
  2. Now go to Start menu. Then click Run and type “regedit” in the Command Prompt. Then click OK to continue. In the opened Registry Editor locate the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\U-Search.net“, right-click on it, then click Delete.
  3. Next step would be to remove all the files connected with the hijacker. Type the name “%PROGRAM_FILES%\U-Search.net” in the Search box and when the file is found-delete it. Go to the folders C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\U-Search.net and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\U-Search.net. Then delete them.

Remember that you should be very cautious when editing registries. You may want to back up the files you want to remove, just in case. If you need a quicker and safer solution, consider using a specialized tool. An automatic tool will ensure complete removal of U-Search.net hijacker and it will not damage your system. You can entrust your PC to the automatic tool as it has been designed by experienced professionals.

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How to remove U-Search.net hijacker

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