Switzerland Polizei Virus is a computer infection that can block user’s PC with an unpleasant message that will blame the owner of the computer in some very unpleasant offences. This message will convince the user that he is guilty and will demand 100 Euro as a fee for the crime. If your computer is locked with this infection, then you are reading the article that you need. I will tell you how to remove Switzerland Polizei Virus from your computer with the help of two methods, manual and automatic. If you are not going to read the manual instructions, then you can use the fast method of removal: Switzerland Polizei Virus Removal Tool. You can download it right from here:

You should know that Switzerland Polizei Virus just tries to frighten user and to make him to pay money that will be spent on the creation of a new infection that will hunt millions computers in the future. So, you should never pay to the infection, at least because this action will not help you to unblock your computer.

Remove Switzerland Polizei Virus manually:

  1. First, you should reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. For that you should reboot your computer, then press F8 button repeatedly when the PC will begin to start up. You should do it after you will hear the sound signal in the system unit, but before you will see any activity on the screen. Then you will see the black screen with the menu, where you should select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter.
  2. You should not be afraid of the black desktop background; it normal for the Safe Mode and everything will be fine, when you will reboot your computer after the instructions.
  3. In the Command Prompt you should type cd restore and press Enter.
  4. Then you should type rstrui.exe and press Enter. Then click Next.
  5. You should choose the date when Switzerland Polizei Cybercrime Investigation Department ransomware virus was not in the system. This action will restore the system to this date and you will be able to run any antivirus program that you like.
  6. You should scan your computer for infections and remove Switzerland Polizei Virus with any antivirus program that you like, but the program should be new-installed and updated. Never use the antivirus program that was installed on your PC when the infection penetrates the system, because it is already corrupted and will not find any infection. You are welcome to use Switzerland Polizei Virus Removal Tool in this item of instructions. This program you can download, using the link in the beginning of the article. To be honest with you I should say that Removal Tool is paid ($19,95), but you can be sure that you problem will be solved.

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How to remove Switzerland Polizei Virus

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