What is Startnow hijacker

StartNow hijacker is a toolbar potentially unwanted by many users. It is often considered to be a spyware program that is able to collect information about the user, and send it to advertising companies. The toolbar hides its files from the user and update itself without asking the user for permission. In this article we will explain to you how to remove Startnow hijacker from popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Manual Removal of Startnow hijacker

If you have the Internet explorer browser use the following instruction:

  1. Remove the Startnow hijacker through Control Panel. Open the Start menu by clicking on the button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then select Control panel.
  2. Further on, click on Uninstall Programs (if your OS if Windows Vista or Windows 7) or Add/Remove Programs (If you have got Windows XP)
  3. Locate the StartNow toolbar among the programs installed on your computer, click on it and select Uninstall option.
  4. Follow the instructions of the uninstaller application.

If you use Firefox, this instruction will help you to remove Startnow toolbar:

  1. Start you browser and select Tools from the Menu bar.
  2. Then click on Add-ons that you see in the drop-down menu.
  3. The add-ons window will open. Next step is to click Extensions and locate the StartNow toolbar in the Extensions list and click Uninstall to remove it. Follow the instructions and reboot when the process is finished.

Now you should very carefully remove registry values associated with the toolbar. Use the Registry Editor utility to locate and delete them. To launch the registry editor click Start > Run and type “regedit” in the opened command prompt. Or click Windows and “R” keys at the same time, then type “regedit“.

After you access the Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry files and then remove them. (Make a back up, just in case).

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StartNow

Be extremely cautious when dealing with the registry, unprofessional interference with it may cause serious problems.

Automatic Solution

It is not always possible to take your time and try to remove the Startnow toolbar manually. If you need to remove a stubborn program, the best variant is download a specialized removal tool. The problem with the manual solution is that there is always a possibility that you will miss something and the unwanted program will remain on your PC and continue causing various troubles. Installing a removal tool such as Startnow Toolbar Removal Tool is the only Safe-haven for those who want to get rid of the Startnow toolbar. The StartNow Removal Tool was created by people that know exactly what to do in such situations, by experienced professionals that used all their knowledge to bring this automatic solution to you. Do not hesitate to use it, the interface of the tool is very friendly and intuitive, so you will not get lost in the list of numerous functions, and the full removal of the Startnow toolbar is guaranteed. Just click on the link to download it, install the tool and that’s it!

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How to remove Startnow hijacker

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