Smart Suggestor is a program that belongs to adware type. This program was created to save users’ time in order to find anything on the web. Also this adware shows different coupons and deals when a user visits web stores, offering the user to use the current coupons. Smart Suggestor is not a virus, but still, it is considered to be an unwanted program that can compromise the security of your computer. If this program is installed on your computer, then you should remove Smart Suggestor.

Automatic solution

Usually Smart Suggestor is a program that can be distributed with the help of freeware that is downloaded from different inefficient websites. So the mechanism of the distribution works when user downloads freeware on the web and begins to install it. If the user will not read all the windows during the installation, then he will not notice the check-box that is responsible for the installation of Smart Suggestor. So, it is really possible to remove the tick in order not to install the adware in the system. Just be attentive or do not use freeware. If the user did not see the check-box, then the program will be installed on his computer. But if the tick is not noticed and the program is already installed, and if you do not want to use this program, then you should just remove Smart Suggestor.

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Remove Smart Suggestor manually

You can use the instructions from this page in order to get rid of the unwanted adware:

  1. You should remove the following files and folders of the unwanted program:

    C:\Program Files\SimilarSites\similarsites.dll
    C:\Program Files\SimilarSites\ToolbarData.ini
    C:\Program Files\SimilarSites\uninstall.exe
    %Application Data%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\gb5e8gtn.default\extensions\
    %Program Files%\SafeSearch

    It is very easy to find them, just navigating, but you also can use the search field in the Start menu in order to find the needed files and folders and remove them. It is better to remove the files and folders with the help of two buttons: SHIFT+DELETE.

  2. After that you should remove the following registry entries:

    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Explorer Bars\{FE69C007-C452-4d3e-86D2-1730DF8BC871}
    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{807DF5E0-4EF7-48a8-A405-239F3E29FFA9}

    In order to do it you should open Registry Editor: press Windows+R, then type the regedit in the line and press Enter. You will see the Registry Editor, where you can find the needed keys of the registry and remove them. You can also use Ctrl+F buttons in order to call the search window and to use it to find the registry entries faster.

  3. Scan your computer with the help of any available antivirus program.

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How to remove Smart Suggestor

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