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Searchnu hijacker is a usual redirecting infection that readdresses all your search results. This infection penetrated your computer, using the system vulnerabilities and deactivating the antivirus system that can be installed on your computer. But it does not mean that your antivirus program was not good, it means only that this infection is so effective in their malicious actions. So, if you notice that Searchnu hijacker exists on your computer, then you should remove Searchnu hijacker from your computer.

Searchnu hijacker lives on your computer and makes different changes. It changes the setting of your browser, so that you will not see your usual home page. You can also notice that your background wallpaper can be substituted and some new icons can appear. Also this infection makes the vulnerabilities stronger and stronger that every infection from the Internet can penetrate your computer through these gates in the security system. So, you should uninstall Searchnu hijacker because it is potentially dangerous programs.

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Automatic Solution

Use special tool for removing FunMoods created by Security Stronghold:

Manual Removal of Searchnu

If you are sure that Searchnu is on your computer, so use our instructions in order to remove Searchnu hijacker from your computer:

  1. At first you should remove the folders and files of Searchnu hijacker. For that you can search them in the search programs and files line in Start Menu and remove with the help of Delete button. So, these are the following files that you should remove:
    • %Appdata%random
    • %System%
    • %Windir%\assembly\
    • C:\Windows\system32\random
  2. Then you should remove the registry key of your computer. In order to open Registry editor, you should press on Win+R buttons simultaneously and then type regedit in the line and hit Enter. After that you should do the backup copy of the registry, you should right-click on Computer in the Registry editor and select Export. And only after that you can remove this registry entry:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\searchnu.com/406
  3. So, then you can use any antivirus software you like. But you should in all cases reinstall your antivirus software, if you want to use it because the infection could have corrupted it later. So, reinstall your antivirus and update it, then perform the full scan.

If this method was not useful for you, then you should perform it in Safe Mode with Networking. This Mode will help you to remove all the parts of Searchnu hijacker, use Internet connection to download antivirus software if you need it and perform the full scan of your computer, when all the existent on your computer infections are not active. And, using this method you will remove Searchnu hijacker once and forever.

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How to remove Searchnu hijacker

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