Savings Sidekick is a new adware program that shows pop-up advertisements. It traces the websites you visited and then shows the ads according to your personal commercial preference. Usually such programs install itself without users consent and user learns about the presence of Savings Sidekick on his computer only when he will reboot his computer. From this point we can say that Savings Sidekick violated users’ right to install what they want. If this program installed itself into your system, then you should remove Savings Sidekick as soon as possible in order not to let it to torture you with the unwanted pop-ups.

Automatic solution

Users complain that Savings Sidekick also make some changes in the browser settings due to which all the search requests can be redirected to some unsafe websites. Also it is very unpleasant when you want to find anything on the web and you can see just some viral or commercial websites instead. May be you want to know why this program is on your computer? Then you should know that Savings Sidekick can be spread with the help of ads and pop-up windows that you can see, vising malicious web pages.

savings sidekick adware

Manual Removal of Savings Sidekick

If you want to remove Savings Sidekick from your computer, then you should use the following instructions:

  1. Remove Savings Sidekick files, opening the following directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Savings Sidekick\Savings Sidekick.dll
    Use SHIFT+DELETE buttons, pressing them simultaneously, in order to remove its files.
  2. Then you should end the process of Savings Sidekick in the Task Manager. For that you should press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC in order to open Task Manager. Find the process that has the similar name to Savings Sidekick and end it. You can see also the description of the process in the table and find the processes that belong to Savings Sidekick there. End them.
  3. Then you should open Registry Editor, press Windows+R, then type regedit in the line that appeared and press Enter button. Then do the backup copy of the Registry. For that you should right-click Computer and select Export, then save the file in the directory you like. Remember this directory for the case of unexpected situation, if you will make a mistake. Then press CTRL+F in order to use search to find the needed registry entries, remove them.
  4. Then you should scan your computer for infections with the help of any available antivirus.

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How to remove Savings Sidekick

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