How to remove rundll32 virus

Rundll32.exe is a normal system file that is the essential part of Windows, which is responsible for running certain aspects of applications like Internet Explorer. If you have some problems with this file on your computer and your OS often shows you different error messages, including the names of this file, so you should define the reason of the problem.

rundll32.exe virus

Sometimes a user can delete Rundll32.exe file by himself, but there are some cases when rundll32.exe is infected by a virus, and all these problems are because of its viral activity. So at first let’s define the reason of the error case. So here we have enumerated the possible signs of the problems that were caused by viruses:

  1. You cannot use your browser as you like, because all the pages are constantly redirected. Usually viruses redirect the pages of search engines or their results and you cannot find anything you want, including the information about viruses and the methods of their removal.
  2. Sometimes you cannot access some very important parts of your system, for example your Task Manager is blocked or you cannot open some settings via Control Panel, or some other system settings.
  3. You can notice also that rundll32.exe process spends high CPU.
  4. There are also some other signs that can exist on your computer, even when it is infected by some other types of viruses, for example the slowdown of the performance of the computer, the appearance of some error messages or some other “miracles” on your PC.
  5. Also the sign of a virus infection is when you try to use some methods and they are not useful and it seems that nothing will help.

But still we are going to change your opinion about this problem: we know the method that will help you. Even two! Let’s perform the first one (manual method):

  1. Open your Task Manager and stop viral rundll32.exe process. You can detect it by the high usage of CPU (even 100%).
  2. Open Registry Editor, by pressing Win+R buttons and typing regedit in the line. Then navigate the following Registry Keys and remove them:

  4. Find all the files that can be called like rundll32, except the file that exist in C:\Windows\System32\ folder.
  5. After that you should do the full scan of your computer with the help of a powerful antivirus program. The virus is very acceptable after the previous instruction items and any new updated antivirus program will find this virus.

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