What is Polizia Di Stato Virus

Remove Polizia Di Stato Virus, if you want to keep your computer clean from infections. Polizia Di Stato Virus is a malicious program that blocks user’s computer with the aim to get his money. This infection penetrates the computer-victim with the help of Trojan that a user can catch, visiting some suspicious or directly malicious web pages. So, this Trojan installs Polizia Di Stato Virus secretly in the system and the user can not even suspect the presence of infection. But right after the next reboot Polizia Di Stato Virus will begin to rule on your computer, blocking it. Take some measures in order to remove Polizia Di Stato Virus, you can use any of the instructions that you will find on this page. If you have Australian Federal Police virus (ICSPA Scam) instead of Polizia Di Stato Virus, then you can follow the emphasized link and read the article.

polizia dis strato block

It is very easy to detect Polizia Di Stato Virus on your computer, you just will not be able to use your computer and the only thing that you will see on your desktop is the message that you need to pay a sum of money to unblock your computer. This type of infections that want to get ransom for their activity is called ransomware. It is not very easy to remove Polizia Di Stato Virus from your computer as well as any other ransomware on your computer, because this infection just blocks any possibility to use Task Manager, or to edit Registry or just run an antivirus program on the infected computer.

Helpful Links

Note 1: Use this instructions to record Kaspersky Rescue Disk:
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Note 2: Use this instructions to run Kaspersky Windows Unlocker:
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Note 3: Use this Removal Tool to clean all traces of Polizia Di Stato Virus:

Double check after unblocking

But still there is a way, just perform the following instructions in order to remove Polizia Di Stato Virus as soon as possible:

  1. Boot your computer is Safe Mode with Command Prompt: reboot your computer, then press F8 repeatedly in order to open the menu of Advanced startup options, then you should use the arrow keys in order to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt in the list and press Enter.
  2. So, run regedit in the Command prompt.
  3. Press CTRL+F in order to use Search field. Then you should type Winlogon in the line and press Enter.
  4. Find the key labeled Shell. It should reference Explorer.exe or be blank. If there is something else referring an executable in one of user’s folders, replace it with explorer.exe.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. See the instructions above, but select Safe Mode with Networking in the list of Advanced startup options.
  7. Then you should disable all unnecessary startup entries. So, call the Command Prompt again, pressing Windows + R buttons. Then type msconfig in the line and press Enter.
  8. Then you should reboot your computer. Install (or reinstall) any antivirus program in order to scan your computer with it. You can use MalwareBytes Antimalware, Spyware Doctor or Security Stronghold Antivirus.

You can also use automatic method in order to remove Polizia Di Stato Virus. You should download special Polizia Di Stato Virus removal tool. This removal tool was created especially for users who face the problem with Polizia Di Stato Virus removal and tried everything. Polizia Di Stato Virus removal tool will help you for sure.

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How to remove Polizia Di Stato Virus

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