What is “Politiet Norge Ukash virus”

Politiet Norge Ukash Virus is one of the numerous infections that belong to ransomware type. There are a lot of infections in this category. The main principle of this infection is to get users’ money, making them pay for the law violations that they did not commit. So, the mechanism is the following: the infection penetrates user’s computer and blocks it with the message that reports about the violation of the law that this user committed. This infection make the user pay a fee for this and promise to unlock the computer. But in reality, if user pays, then nothing happen, except the enrichment of the hackers that created this infection. If you have this infection on your computer you should not pay any money to them, just remove Politiet Norge Ukash Virus. On this website you can also find the instructions that will help you to perform ice virus removal.

politiet norge ukash virus

There are a lot of such infections that use names of different official organizations; usually it is police organization from any country of the world. Of course every inexperienced user is afraid to do something wrong, and when this infection blocks his computer and intimidates him, then asks to pay a sum of money, then user usually pays money. The main reason why this infection makes users pay money is that hackers choose the most shameful law violations in order to accuse users, for example the visit to some porn websites or something like that. This is the trick to stop users from telling about this problem to some more experienced users.

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So, if you decide to remove Politiet Norge Ukash Virus, then you should perform the following instructions:

  1. Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. In order to do it you should reboot your computer and begin to press F8 repeatedly when the computer will begin to load. Then you should choose Safe Mode with Networking with the help of arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter.
  2. After that you should call Task Manager in order to stop the malicious process of Politiet Norge Ukash Virus. So, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC buttons simultaneously. Then you should find the process that looks like this one:
    The random characters in its name will change very frequent. So, you should find this process and then highlight it and click on End process.
  3. After that you should remove the files of this infection. So, use Search option in Start menu in order to find them, typing the name of the infection in the field. You should remove them, using the two buttons simultaneously: SHIFT+DELETE.
  4. Then remove Politiet Norge Ukash Virus registry entries. The registry entries of this program are random, so you should just also use Search option in order to find them. So, open Registry Editor: press Windows+R buttons on your keyboard, then type regedit in the line and click OK. Then create the backup copy of the registry, right-clicking Computer and selecting Export. After that call the Search field, pressing CTRL+F buttons. Type the name of the infection and click OK. Delete all the entries that will be found.
  5. Then the malicious program is vulnerable almost for every antivirus program. So, download any antivirus program you like, then install it, update and use to scan your computer.
    If you do not want to perform this long instruction, then you should use the special removal tool in order to remove Politiet Norge Ukash Virus from your computer once and forever. You can download one of the Politiet Norge Ukash Virus removal tools on this page. This removal tool was created by Security Stronghold Company especially for inexperienced users in order to help them to cope with this malicious program.

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How to remove Politiet Norge Ukash virus

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