What is PC MightyMax 2012

You even cannot notice the moment when a malicious Trojan installs PC MightyMax 2012, when you visit some suspicious web sites or some commercial links in social networks. You will not understand that this infection exists on your computer till the next reboot. But when this program will begin to perform its malicious activity, you will be sure that you should remove PC MightyMax 2012.

PC MightyMax 2012

It is impossible not to notice the numerous fake alerts that will annoy you every minute and it will not be possible to work with your computer as usual. These fake alerts will try to make you believe that all the found infections are real and that you should take some measures (namely, to pay a sum of money to buy the license key of the program). Yes, you should take some measures, but never buy the license key of this rogue antivirus program. You should know that the infections that were found by this software are not real and that you should take care of this rogue software removal more.

Automatic Solution

Try special tool designed by Security Stronghold LLC to remove PC MightyMax 2012:

Manual Removal of PC MightyMax 2012

If you want to try to remove PC MightyMax 2012 from your computer, using manual methods, then you are welcome to perform these instructions:

  1. The first thing that you should do is to change some Internet settings:
    • Open Internet Explorer.
    • Click Tools.
    • Select Connections tab, then click to LAN settings button.
    • Put the ticks into Use proxy server for your LAN
  2. Then in order to remove PC MightyMax 2012 you should stop the processes that belong to PC MightyMax 2012 program:
    • PCMightyMaxSetup.EXE
    • pcmm.exe
    • pcmm2007.exe
    • %program_files%\\PCMightyMax\\beep.exe
    • %program_files%\\PC MightyMax\\ExeAfter.exe

    For that you should open Task Manager: press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC buttons. Then click on Processes tab, highlight the processes you need and click on Uninstall button.

  3. Remove PC MightyMax 2012 registry entries from the Registry Editor of your computer. So, open Registry Editor, pressing Win+R buttons simultaneously, then type regedit in the line and do the backup copy:
    • Right-click Computer
    • Select Export and save the copy in any directory you like.
  4. As you remember PC MightyMax 2012 was installed on your computer with the help of a Trojan, then you should know that this Trojan still exists on your computer. You should take some antivirus measures. So, then you should scan your computer for viruses, using new-installed updated antivirus program.

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How to remove PC MightyMax 2012

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