What is PC Defender Plus

PC Defender Plus is a usual rogue antivirus program that pretends to be a real protection from antiviruses. This program is very active and it will not let you work with your computer as you got used to. So, PC Defender Plus will not let to open some very important programs and applications, preventing your from normal work with your computer. It will show you different fake alerts about the infections that are in your system. PC Defender Plus tries to show all the normal antivirus actions, so it will show you scanning process and scan results. You should not believe to this infection, just remove PC Defender Plus from your computer as soon as possible.

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PC Defender Plus program changes your system when it penetrates in it, it creates its own malicious files and registry entries and deactivate the real antivirus software that is installed on the computer. Many users complain that PC Defender Plus installs in the system by itself. Usually it is installed with the help of a Trojan that you caught on some malicious web pages. This Trojan penetrates your computer invisibly and installs PC Defender Plus. After the next reboot you will see the annoying activity of PC Defender Plus. If you are tired of this program and you do not know how to remove PC Defender Plus from your computer, then we will help you. Read and perform the instructions from this page:

Remove PC Defender Plus manually

  1. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. If you do not know how to do it, then you are welcome to follow these steps:
  2. – reboot your computer
    – when it will begin to load again you should start to press F8 repeatedly
    – when you will see the black screen with menu, then you should use the arrow keys on your keyboard in order to select the item Safe Mode with Networking. Then you should press Enter.

  3. Then you should change some internet settings:
  4. – Press Windows + R buttons simultaneously
    – Type iexplore.exe in the opened window and press Enter in order to open the browser
    – You should click Tools, then select Internet Options and choose Connections tab
    – Click on LAN Settings button
    – Uncheck the box Use a proxy server for your LAN.

  5. Then you should choose the way. If you want to use automatic method, then you are welcome to use any powerful antivirus to scan your computer. If not then you should continue to perform the items.
  6. Remove the following files of the program:
  7. %AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\PC Defender Plus.lnk
    %CommonStartMenu%\Programs\PC Defender Plus\
    %CommonStartMenu%\Programs\PC Defender Plus\PC Defender Plus Help and Support.lnk
    %CommonStartMenu%\Programs\PC Defender Plus\PC Defender Plus.lnk
    %CommonStartMenu%\Programs\PC Defender Plus\Remove PC Defender Plus.lnk

  8. Remove the following registry entries of the malicious program:
  9. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.exe “(Default)” = “
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.exe\shell\open\command “(Default)” = “”%CommonAppData%\pcdfdata\.exe” /ex “%1″ %*”
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “pcdfsvc” = “%CommonAppData%\pcdfdata\.exe /min”

Automatic solution

If you want to use some methods that are easier to perform, then you can use the special programs that were created to remove PC Defender Plus, so download and run PC Defender Plus removal tools. One of them you can download directly from this page.

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How to remove PC Defender Plus

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