What is “Koda”

“Koda” block virus is an infection that belongs to the type of ransomware. Perhaps it is the latest addition of this kind of infections. Koda virus has a very sympathetic look that makes users believe that this alert is real legal block. Sometimes this program is installed by Trojan that the user can catch on some malicious webpages, but sometimes the user himself installs this infection in his system, thinking that it is a virus protection that will remove all his infections. But actually, Koda ransomware has only one aim: to deceive users and to get their money. Do not let the program to perform its function and remove Koda block virus as soon as possible. If you need a good protection from Trojans, then you are welcome to read the article that is called: “Are you looking for the best trojan remover?

koda block virus

Koda virus will show you a great performance with the scan processes and with the scan results.It will be very hard to keep your emotions when you will see the number of dangerous infections that Koda rogue block will show you. Usually Koda virus appears on users’ computers from the websites that store different video files. So, a user can download the execution file of the infection instead of the film. Also the files of free software can contain a virus, so be careful with all websites that store some free content.

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Double check after unblocking

If you want to remove Koda block virus, then you should perform the following instructions:

  1. So, at first you should call Task Manager and end the process of the infection. So, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC in order to open Task Manager. Then you should find the needed process in the list of Processes tab. So, look through the list, try to find the strangest names of the processes: it will consist of random characters, letters and numbers. So, if you see a strange name that consists of only numbers then you should find the information about this process on the internet in order to be sure that you end the process that you should end. So, just highlight it and click on End process button.
  2. After that you should remove Koda virus from Startup. So, call the Command Prompt: press Windows+R buttons. Then type the following command in the line and press Enter:


    Then you should select Startup tab and find there the item with the same name that you have removed from Task Manager. You should remove the tick near this item and click Ok.

  3. Then you should click on Start, the All programs, then find the Startup folder and click on it. You will see all the programs that put its files in this folder. So, find the folder with the same random name that you have seen in Task Manager and Startup tab and delete it.
  4. Then you should call the Command Prompt again and type there %windir%\system32, you should find 372109 folder and open it. If you see the folder with the same random name there, so you should remove this folder, using two buttons: SHIFT+DELETE.
  5. Reboot your computer and scan it for infections in order to remove Koda virus once and forever.

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How to remove “Koda” block virus

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