ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus is the infection that blocks your computer and asks to pay $400 in order to unlock it. This infection belongs to ransomware type. The message that you see on the screen is just a scam. So, you and I know that you have not violated any laws, enumerated in the message. You should not even read the text of the message in order not to spend your nerves. And of course you should not pay any money that the infection asks. ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus will not disappear from your computer and will not unlock it even in the case if you will pay the money. The only thing that you can do is to remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus.

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Note 1: Use SpyHunter to get rid of ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus:

Note 2: Use this instructions to record Kaspersky Rescue Disk:
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Note 3: Use this instructions to run Kaspersky Windows Unlocker:
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If you cannot decide how to remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus with your own efforts, then you are welcome to use the instructions from this article. Usually there are two variants of instructions: manual and automatic.

Manual methods were written for users that are experienced in solutions of different computer problems manually. If you are not experienced user, then it is better to use automatic method, but it is paid usually.

ice cyber crimes center block virus

So, if you want to perform manual method, then you are welcome to follow the instructions, but you should be very careful with every step:

  1. You should boot your computer into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. So, you should reboot your computer, and then begin to press F8 repeatedly before you will see the Windows logo. If you will do everything right, then you will see the black window with the menu. You should use the arrow keys on your keyboard in order to select the needed line of the menu. Then press Enter.
  2. Then you should type in the Command Prompt the following: net user removevirus /add. Press Enter.
  3. Then type the following: net localgroup administrators removevirus /add. Press Enter.
  4. After that you should type this command: shutdown –r. And again press Enter.
  5. The computer will boot in Normal Mode. Then you should scan your computer for infections with the new-installed updated antivirus program.

You can also do restoration of the system:

  1. Again boot your computer into Safe Mode with Command Prompt as it is described in the previous instruction.
  2. Type the following command: cd restore. Press Enter.
  3. Then this one: rstrui.exe. Do not forget the press Enter after every command.
  4. You will see System Restore window, where you should click Next.
  5. Choose the restore point, then click Next again. Confirm the restoration.
  6. Scan your computer with any antivirus software in order to remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus once and forever.

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How to remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus

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