GoPhotoIt is a usual browser add-on that can be installed on the PC with various of freeware. Of course the exploiter of this software can penetrate your PC from different viral websites or from the website of GoPhotoIt developers, but the last variant had not been often. The undesired browser add-on will add its registry keys and dlls in the system. GoPhotoIt is well known as a malware, but if we will efficiently evaluate the situation, then will realize that harmful nature is only in its ads. The programs that demonstrate ads are considered to be adware. Adware are the annoying add-on in the system, so if you want to remove GoPhotoIt, so you can find the manual instructions from this article or any effective GoPhotoIt removal utility.

Effective automatic solution:

Being installed into your browser, the program can demonstrate you a great number of pop-ups and cause slow computer speed. In legitimate software, the advertising function is an addition to the program in order to let users to make use of the program for free. The creators thinks that GoPhotoIt is a good approach to get back the money spend on the program, and in some cases, this fact means that the browser add-on the user will make use of the program free of charge or he will get the discount. The revenue earned showing pop-ups to the users may make the opportunity or motivate the developer to continue to improve, support and perfect the computer program. The demonstration of ads in software business became more and more popular.

remove GoPhotoIt

GoPhotoIt and other adware can be a bundle of freeware that everyone may get without payment. Then, when the the application is already installed, the user make a choice to keep on using the software as it is, watching pop-ups, or they will purchase an advertisement free version of that application. GoPhotoIt is regarded to be the objectionable program since it, as a rule, involves code that spies on a user’s personal data and passes it hackers, without the user’s consent or awareness. If you are unaware why GoPhotoIt appeared on your computer, then you should think what software you installed lately.

If you installed some free programs from informal site, so GoPhotoIt was installed together with it. You just did not remove the checkbox that is charged with GoPhotoIt installation. It should be removed in the process of GoPhotoIt installation. But if you did not uncheck it and do not like to have the browser extension because of its importunity, so you are able to read the page totally to learn more about the probable solutions. There are some cases when a user gets GoPhotoIt downloading any video files or visiting some dangerous websites. If you want to delete GoPhotoIt, then you are able to download the automatic solutions enumerated in this article.

Uninstall GoPhotoIt from your PC

If you are unaware what removal method to use, then you have time to deliberate it. If you have computer repair skills, then you are welcome to use the manual method, described below. You should be aware that any manual method is dangerous and must be fulfilled completely correct in order not to keep safe and sound your PC. If you are aware about the danger, but you assured that you will do everything correctly, you are welcome to remove all the registry entries and folders of the unwanted add-on. If you do not know the difference between registry keys and folders of the program, then it is better to use any of the automatic methods from this post.

Automatic ways of removal:

Removal utilities, just below, are use-proven and you can be sure that they are also the most high-performance and safe tools that will remove the threat that your computer is infected with. Make use of automatic tools is the easiest method for user that have no experience in computer computer maintenance and fear to perform any manual ways of removal. GoPhotoIt Removal Tool and Spyhunter will do everything for you, so just scan your computer using any of these antivirus utilities.

GoPhotoIt Removal Tool:

GoPhotoIt Removal Tool by Security Stronghold is a special utility that will execute all removal instructions for you. This utility was created especially to eliminate GoPhotoIt from your PC together with hijackers that it installed. If you want to clean your system from all viral browser toolbars and set any browser setting that you like or remove just one extension, then you are welcome to use GoPhotoIt Removal Tool from this page. The program is handy, and is provided with free online support that will avail you in all complex cases. This program is rather cheap, but you will be surprised with its productivity.

Remove GoPhotoIt with SpyHunter

If you want to use any universal antivirus tool that will uninstall all the threats from your system, then you can install and use Spyhunter, downloading it from this post. Spyhunter will delete GoPhotoIt, its hijackers, ads and other parts of it and also will scan your system for other problem and malicious software. Also Spyhunter has several useful tools that will be useful to optimize your PC. Spyhunter is a real-time scanner (that means it detects the malicious objects when they are just trying to install itself into your PC) as well as it is able to delete the hidden computer infections. The program is a bit more expensive than GoPhotoIt Removal Tool, but you can notice the functionality of Spyhunter on the picture below.

remove GoPhotoIt with the help of Spyhunter

Manual solution from GoPhotoIt:

Do not forget that manual method is a very difficult and unsafe process that should not be executed by the users who do not have enough experience in computer repair.

  1. Remove the following folders:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\0bs2vopy.default\extensions\
    • C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Cool Mirage Ltd
    • C:\Program Files\Cool Mirage Ltd
  2. Delete the listed below files:
    • index.dat
    • gophotoit.xpi
    • gophotoit_1829.exe
    • Time.dll
    • gophotoitEng.dll
    • gophotoitsrv.exe
    • sqlite3.dll
    • uninstall.exe
  3. Delete the following Registry Entries in Registry Editor:
    • SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\escortEng.DLL
    • SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\esrv.EXE
    • SOFTWARE\Classes\esrv.gophotoitESrvc
    • SOFTWARE\Classes\esrv.gophotoitESrvc.1
    • SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\gophotoit
    • SOFTWARE\Cool Mirage Ltd
    • SOFTWARE\Cool Mirage Ltd\gophotoit
    • Software\
    • Software\

How to remove GoPhotoIt from Internet Explorer:

  1. Open IE, then find Tools=> Safety=> Delete browsing history
  2. Then mark cookies and click Delete.
  3. Click Tools=> Manage add-ons=> Toolbars and Extensions
  4. Uninstall the annoying extension.

How to uninstall GoPhotoIt from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open your browser, after that click Tools=> Options=> Privacy=>Remove All Cookies
  2. Select Tools=> Add-ons
  3. Click Uninstall here

How to delete GoPhotoIt from Google Chrome:

  1. Open your browser, after that select Tools=> Options=> Under the Bonnet=> Privacy=> Clear browsing data.
  2. Click Delete cookies and other site data.
  3. Enter the following in the address bar of your browser: chrome://extensions/.
  4. Delete GoPhotoIt here.

It is better to scan your computer for viruses with the help of any of the available and updated antivirus software right after the manual instructions, because GoPhotoIt usually comes together with trojans that installed it into the system, with rootkits or other viruses. If you do not know what antivirus to choose, then I can advise you to use Spyhunter or GoPhotoIt Removal Tool, because these tools are universal and they can help you to uninstall any viruses from your computer.

About Author: Material provided by: Alesya Orlova

How to remove GoPhotoIt

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