What is DealCabby?

DealCabby present itself as an adware infection that installs itself without users’ permission or even knowledge. This program will be seen when you open your browser. DealCabby installs into your browser in order to interrupt your search, install its add-on or toolbar, but the main aim is to increase the traffic to some commercial websites that you can see as search results every time when you try to find anything, and no matter what you are looking for, the search results will not differ much. It is better to remove DealCabby from your browser in order to make your computer safe.


DealCabby is able to show you different pop-up advertisements with tempting offers. You should not believe to the pop-ups, because the information on them was written especially to make you follow the links in them and to deceive you, making you pay for the unreal offers and goods. If you will pay any money for the goods in the pop-ups, then you will not get them. Also you should know that the websites that are mentioned in the advertisements can be infected, so never visit them, otherwise you will see more infection on your computer.
You also will notice that your computer does not work properly, it will be slow. So, if you have this infection on your computer, then you should remove DealCabby. You are welcome to use the instructions from this page.

Manual Removal

You should try to remove DealCabby from your browser:

If you have Internet Explorer:

  1. Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (“Programs & Features” in Vista & Windows 7).
  2. Click “Remove” next to “DealCabby Toolbar.”

If you have Firefox or Safari on a Mac:

  1. Tools > Add-ons.
  2. Select the DealCabby Layers logo and then click Uninstall.

If you have Google Chrome:

  1. Preferences > Extensions.
  2. Select the DealCabby Toolbar logo.
  3. Click Enable or Disable.

If these instructions did not help you to remove DealCabby, then you should follow these items:

  1. Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. For that you should reboot your computer and when it begins to load, and then you should press F8 repeatedly until you will see the black screen with the menu. After that you should select Safe Mode with Networking with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter.
  2. The you should open Task Manager and end the following process:

    In order to open Task Manager you should press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC buttons simultaneously.

  4. Then you should press Win+R buttons and type msconfig, then press Enter. Select Startup tab and remove DEALCABBY.EXE.
  5. Remove the following files of the malicious program:

  7. Then you should scan your computer with the help of the antivirus software that you can install now. You should not use the antivirus that is installed on your computer, because in could have been corrupted by the infection.

If you like to use fully automatic method, then you are welcome to download and use DealCabby removal tool. Removal tools are programs that were made especially for the very problems. Every infection has its removal tool. Removal tools are considered to be the most effective solutions because of their specialization.

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How to remove DealCabby

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