CouponBuddy is a browser add-on that was created to help users to find and use internet coupons in time. At least its developers report about it on their website. This program begins to work when you visit some commercial websites that offer different coupons to their visitors. It also will help you to understand faster if there are some interesting coupons on the page or not. Like all other adware, CouponBuddy will annoy users with advertisements. But not all the users want to know about the most profitable coupons, most of them never install this add-on. If you are in such a case, then you should remove CouponBuddy, using the instructions that are described in this article or download CouponBuddy Removal Tool right now:

There are also some cases when user installs CouponBuddy on his computer as the additional program that can be installed with some freeware if you will not remove the tick during the installation process. If a user did not notice such a tick and installed a program in such a way, then he will think that this program installed itself.

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Automatic solution

You can remove CouponBuddy, using Removal Utility designed by Security Stronghold:

Manual Removal of CouponBuddy adware

If you decided to remove CouponBuddy manually just now, so you should try to use the standard removal utility, so perform the items:
1. Open Start menu, then select Control Pannel.
2. Click on the link Uninstall a program under programs. Find the unwanted program in the list, then highlight it and click on Uninstall button.

If these instructions will not help you, then you should try other method, for example the method of removal directly from the browser. They are developed separately for every browser, because all browsers have different interface. So, remember what browser you have, then use the instructions for it.

For Internet Explorer:
1. Click on Tools, then select Manage add-ons.
2. Click on Toolbars and Extensions tab.
3. Then you should find the unwanted program in the list and Disable it.

For Google Chrome:
1. You should type the following in the address bar of your browser: chrome://extensions/. Then press Enter.
2. Find the add-on in the list and click on Uninstall button.

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open Mozilla, then click on Tools, select Add-ons.
2. You should find the program that you want to remove here in the list and highlight it.
3. After that you should click on the Uninstall button.

If these instructions seem too hard to perform, then you should use the special removal tool that was created to remove CouponBuddy from your computer in several minutes.

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How to remove CouponBuddy

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