What is Canadian Police Association virus?

Canadian Police Association Virus is a ransomware that pretends to be the legal notification from the official organization. You should not believe that Canadian Police Association has anything in common with the message that blocks your computer. This message will blame you in the several law violations and will ask you to pay a sum of money as a fee for them. Of course you did not violate any laws, and you should not pay any money to the infection that uses the name of the official organization in order to frighten you and to make you to pay money. Remove Canadian Police Association Virus from your computer and do not believe to it.

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Note 1: Use Spyhunter in order to get rid of Canadian Police Association virus:

Note 2: Use this instructions to record Kaspersky Rescue Disk:
How to create Kaspersky Rescue Disc

Note 3: Use this instructions to run Kaspersky Windows Unlocker:
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This infection was created by the cybercriminals that got used to earn money with the help of their computer skills. So, if you have already paid the money, then you should know that it will be given to hackers, for their life and it will give them the opportunity to create one more program that will be a tool to deceive people and to get their money.
Like all other ransomware Canadian Police Association Virus can be installed on the computer-victim with the help of a Trojan that can be caught on some suspicious web pages. You will not notice the penetration of the infection to your computer; the Trojan will do it unnoticeable. But after the next reboot you will find your computer blocked by the ransomware message. If you want to remove Canadian Police Association Virus then you are welcome to use the instructions from this article.

Canadian Police Association virus

Manual instructions to remove Canadian Police Association Virus

  1. You should remove the following files of the infection:
  2. %UserName%\%Application Data%\[random chars folder name]\[random chars].exe
    %UserName%\%Temp%\[random chars folder name]\[random chars].exe

    You can just navigate them according to the directory or just find them, using the search field in the Start Menu. You should remove them, using two buttons that will let you to remove the files, bypassing the recycle bin, so, highlight the file and press Delete+Shift buttons.

  3. Then you should make some changes in the Registry. You should open Registry Editor and remove the following registry entry:
  4. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run [path to random]\[random chars].exe

    So, press Win+R buttons in order to call the Command Prompt. Then type regedit and press Enter in order to open Registry Editor. Then just navigate the registry entry, highlight it and press Delete button.

  5. Scan your computer for infections.

If you want to use some automatic solutions against the infection, so remove Canadian Police Association Virus with the help of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Security Stronghold Antivirus.
You can also use the special Canadian Police Association Virus Removal Tool. You are welcome to download it from this page.

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How to remove Canadian Police Association virus

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