Australian Federal Police virus is a new infection that can pose a threat to the security of your computer. It is impossible to stop the process of penetration, just because you will not notice this moment. Your antivirus program is likely deactivated and will not inform you about the infection that is installing in the system. You will learn that the infection is installed only when you will restart your PC. It is impossible not to notice the presence of the infection, because the fake alert message does not let you to use the PC at all. If you want to remove Australian Federal Police virus with your own efforts, then you should use the instructions from this page.

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Like all other ransomware programs Australian Federal Police virus is usually installed with the Trojan or other infection that was caught on some malicious web pages. Also there are cases when this infection infects the system with the help of the email letter that contains malicious attachments.

Australian Federal Police virus is the infection that was created to deceive people to make them pay a sum of money as a fine for the law violation that was not committed by the user. It can be the distribution of porn materials or something else that is not easy to explain to the computer repairers. So, it is not so rare for users of the computers, infected with this virus to pay the money. But, it is not a way out! The infection will stay, asking you to pay the money. You should just ignore the message (it is better not to read it at all) and remove Australian Federal Police virus, using the instructions from this page.

australian federal police virus

Remove Australian Federal Police virus manually

  1. Restore the infected system to the moment when it was not infected. For that you should do the following. Restart your computer, then press F8, when the system will begin to load. Then you will see the black screen with the menu, where you should select Safe mode with Command Prompt and then press Enter.
  2. Type the following command in the Command Prompt and press Enter: cd restore.
  3. After that you should type the following command: C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe. And press Enter again.
  4. After that you should select the needed restore point, the wizard that you will see will help to do it. Follow its instructions.
  5. Then you should scan your computer with any available antivirus scanner.

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How to remove Australian Federal Police virus (ICSPA Scam)

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