Actual Spy is the infection that steals the personal information of the user and traces his or her activity. This program can record all the information about you, including your credit card numbers and passwords because it records everything that you are typing. It also remember all the visited by you Websites. The program can make some screen-shots of your screen and can send all these information per e-mail to the people who are interested to become it and who are going to use it in their own malicious actions. Usually the presence of such programs is very stealthy that’s why it is very hard to detect and remove Actual Spy. Also sometimes Actual Spy can be installed by an employer on the computer of a worker in order to trace his work. There are also some parents that want to follow every step of their children, when they are searching something on the Internet or playing some on-line games, so parents can know almost everything about what their children could see, when they are sitting at the computer.

actual Spy keylogger

So, Actual Spy is a very helpful program, but not every time it can be used by its legal purpose. Some hackers are glad that the program exists, because it will help them to clean out somebody’s wallet. Be careful, don’t visit some unreliable web sites, because this program can be installed in some seconds on your computer and your safety will be at stake.

Of course you understand that the program can be hardly detected on your computer, because if it is used in legal purpose, so the worker or a child can easily detect and remove Actual Spy, so there is not any sense in its usage then. But if you are afraid for your money, you can follow the instructions and it will be possible to stop the activity of the hackers that are going to steal your personal information. Firstly we should detect Actual Spy:

  1. Detect the speed of your computer performance, sometimes the great slowdown is the only sign of the existence of Actual Spy on your computer.
  2. Note if your Internet accounts can be broken several times a day, but still you change your passwords every time.

So, we can suppose that this program sends your password to the hackers and your Internet accounts will be broken, no matter how often you change your passwords.

In order to detect and remove Actual Spy you can also use a special antivirus programs, for example you can use Stronghold Antivirus, because this program is really able to fight with this invisible enemy. You can also use some other anti-spyware programs, for example Actual Spy Removal Tool. Both these programs will save your safety and your money from the hackers.Detect the speed of your computer performance, sometimes the great slowdown is the only sign of the existence of Actual Spy on your computer.

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How to remove Actual Spy Keylogger

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