How to fix Windows 10 error code 80240020

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Microsoft announced this summer that any user of legitimate Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free until 29 July, 2016. Many users were looking forward to the opportunity to get the latest OS, however some encountered problems with Windows 10 update and weren’t able to finish it.

Microsoft informs us that Windows 10 error code 80240020 means user’s actions are required for successful upgrade (uninstalling some incompatible program, for example), and the user should wait for a notification. Nonetheless, it was possible for many to deal with this problem by themselves. If you aren’t inclined to wait, you might be able to do so, too.

Fast Automatic Solution:

The first method you might try to resolve Windows error 80240020, is deleting downloaded files and restarting the download.

  1. To begin with, launch Windows Explorer and go to ‘C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download’.
  2. Permanently delete all contents of the ‘Downloads’ folder (highlight everything in it and press Shift+Del).

    This way you’ll remove the files entirely, not just move them to Recycle Bin. The same could be done if you delete them the usual way, then empty Recycle Bin by hand.

    Note: If some files can’t be deleted, that means they are still in use. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), highlight WindowsUpdateBox.exe, and click ‘End Process’. Repeat step 2.

  3. Start the download again.

    Windows 7:

    1. After clicking on Start button type ‘Command Prompt’.
    2. Right-click on ‘Command Prompt’ item, which will appear, and click ‘Run as administrator’.

    Windows 8.1:

    1. Begin with pressing Win logo+X.
    2. Choose ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ from the menu.

    Type ‘wuauclt.exe /updatenow’ (there’s a space between ‘exe’ and ‘/’) and hit Enter.

Next open ‘Windows Update’ on Control Panel, the download is supposed to start again.

If the above approach didn’t bring results, and you are still encountering troubles with Windows 10 update, making small readjustment in Windows registry might help. Be careful while working with the registry, as making the wrong changes might affect your entire system.

  1. Press Win logo+R.
  2. Type ‘regedit.exe’ and press Enter.
  3. Unfold these folders on the left: ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion’ and click on ‘WindowsUpdate’ folder.
  4. Find ‘OSUpgrade’ on the right. If there is not any such key, right-click in the empty space, select ‘New’, ‘DWORD (32 bit) Value’. Name it ‘OSUpgrade’.
  5. Set the value for ‘OSUpgrade’ to ‘1’.

Open ‘Windows Update’.

Alternative suggestions for fixing Windows update error 80240020:

Log in as Administrator before downloading Windows 10.

If you think you don’t have an administrator account on your PC:

  1. Open ‘Command Prompt’ in administrator mode.
  2. Type ‘net user administrator /active:yes’, hit Enter.
  3. Log out from the current account and log in as Administrator.

Double-check that you have 20 GB of hard disk space (16 GB for 32-bit OS).

If there are not enough space, uninstall unnecessary programs and run Disk Cleanup.

Turn off your anti-malware and firewall.

Anti-malware software could interfere with the process, and turning them off might work for you. Sometimes you even have to uninstall them completely, then install again when you already upgraded your OS.

Disconnect all peripheral devices you don’t need at the moment.

If the drivers for peripherals aren’t compatible with Windows 10, it can cause Windows error 80240020 to appear.

Use Windows 10 Installation Media Tool.

Not a universal method, but the tool was of help to some users that were having troubles downloading Windows 10.

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