Beamrise Search is a program that is able to sneak in to your browser and you will notice it only when you open your browser and find out that your default search engine was changed. It is impossible to remove Beamrise Search until it is installed in your system because this infection makes some changes in the registry. Beamrise Search was created to force users to visit different websites that were found according to your personal search requests and preferences. If you do not want to use this search provider, then you should uninstall Beamrise Search with any available methods, for example I can advise you to use Beamrise Search Removal Tool, it is fast and safe solution of the problem. You can download it, using this link:

For some people it is very hard to decide what solution to choose special removal tool or manual removal instructions. What can I say about it, it is up to you to decide, but you should base on your own computer skills. If it will be very easy for you to perform the manual instruction, changing some settings in your browser, then you are welcome. But if you are afraid to harm anything, because you can click anything that should not be clicked, then it would be better for you to use Beamrise Search Removal Tool.

Beamrise Search Removal Tool

Beamrise Search can appear on your computer with the freeware and shareware that can be installed by the owner of the PC. If you like such programs and want to install one of them, just think that this program will be installed with some bundled programs that will probably subordinate your browser, changing its settings and making it impossible to change them back. If you do not want your search requests to be redirected to the some unwanted websites, then you are welcome to use the special Beamrise Search removal tool or the manual instructions, described below.

Manual Beamrise Search Removal insatrcutions.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Click the following: Tools=>Manage Add-ons=>Toolbars and Extensions
  2. Uninstall Beamrise Search here.
  3. Then click: Tools=>Internet Option=>General tab
  4. Then you should change the default search engine there.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click: Tools=>Add-ons=>Extensions.
  2. Remove Beamrise Search here.
  3. Then set Show a blank page or your favorite search engine in Tools=>Options=>General=>Startup.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Click: Menu button=>Tools=>Extensions.
  2. Uninstall Beamrise Search here, clicking the Recycler Bin.
  3. Then click: Wrench icon=>Settings=>Manage search engines.
  4. Change the search engine from Beamrise Search to blank page or to any other search provider that you like.

But if you think that the instructions are too hard for you perform and it is not easy to find the need setting to click, then you are welcome to save your time and nerves, clicking this link to download Beamrise Search Removal Tool:

This removal tool should be installed on your computer. Just scan your PC with this tool and forget about the annoying redirections.

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Beamrise Search Removal Tool or Manual Instructions: what to choose?

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