Babylon is a toolbar that can be installed on any computer together with freeware as a bundled program. So, if a user will not notice several checkboxes that he should make empty, then Babylon or any other toolbar or any other bundled program can be installed in the system. In this article you can find Babylon virus removal instructions that will help you to get rid of this browser add-on and change the browser settings as you like. If you do not want to use Babylon search, then you will be able to set the search engine that you like.

Babylon is an annoying browser add-on that makes changes in the browser and it is impossible to change them back to the default. If you will change the home page or search engine, then after the next reboot Babylon will make its changes again, forcing you to use its search and its home page.

Babylon virus removal

Babylon toolbar belongs to adware type of viruses, so it will show you its advertisements, hijacking your search requests. If you do not want to see its advertisements and want to use your browser as you like, then you are welcome to perform the instructions from this page.

Manual Babylon virus removal

Instructions for Internet Explorer:

  1. In the opened browser you should follow: Tools=>Manage Add-ons=>Toolbars and Extensions.
  2. Here you should uninstall Babylon virus.
  3. After that you should open the following tab: Tools=>Internet Option=>General. Here you can make the changes in the browser and to set the search engine and the start page that you like.

Babylon virus removal instructions for Mozilla Forefox:

  1. In the opened browser you should follow: Tools=>Add-ons=>Extensions
  2. Uninstall the unwanted toolbar here.
  3. Then you should open: Tools=>Options=>General=>Startup
  4. Here you can select the needed start page and search engine.

How to remove Babylon in Google Chrome:

  1. Open the browser. Then open: Menu=>Settings=>Manage search engines
  2. Set the search engine and remove from the list.
  3. Set the needed page in On Start section.

If you think that the described manual Babylon virus removal instructions are too hard to perform, then you can use the link at the top of the page in order to download Babylon Removal Tool. This removal tool will solve your problem for a short period of time and you will need just to press several buttons. Note that the removal tool is paid (just $19,95), but you can be sure that it will remove Babylon from your browser.

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Babylon virus removal instructions

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