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What is is a website that deceives users into allowing its push notifications. The site claims that users need to click or tap Allow to watch a video, confirm that they are not a robot or that they are of age, and so on. If a user clicks Allow, they will start seeing notifications in the bottom right corner of their screen from time to time, those notifications prompting users to go and visit shady sites or download software. If Read more [...]

How to remove dotmap ransomware

What is dotmap ransomware ? dotmap ransomware is a fraud site that is distributed by email with spam containing infected attachments and designed for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. dotmap ransomware scans the system, and then try to crack the password for them and then limits access to the data files. The main purpose of dotmap ransomware is to extort money from victims by requesting a ransom in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in exchange for access Read more [...]

How to remove

What is (My Weather Homepage) can become homepage or new tab page of a browser without its user’s agreement. That may happen if My Weather Homepage browser hijacker gets installed on the computer. Browser hijackers are programs or browser extensions that can change some browser settings, like homepage or default search engine, against users’ wishes. Browser hijackers are distributed primarily via Internet ads and by bundling with Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is ads? ads is a malicious program that gets to your system by linking to some free applications that you download from the Internet. This is a very easy and cunning way because you will never know which application will bring ads to your browser. Whenever you browse the Internet, unwanted ads from will appear on your desktop. Some advertisements can be dangerous. Usually, advertising is linked Read more [...]

How to remove

What is pop-ups in your browser is a sign that your computer is infected with malware. This rogue web page is able to pop-up out of nowhere, even if your browser is closed. The content of this web page is quite suspicious too, will offer you to allow notifications to get access to some shady content. We should warn you that this web page is trying to sneak more malware into your system, that's why you should be very careful with this page, try Read more [...]