How to remove Armageddon Ransomware and decrypt your files

In a sense, the name of this cryptovirus displays the consequences that arise when Armageddon enters the user's computer. Armageddon encrypts user data using the involved RSA-2048 algorithm. According to the data particularized in the lock screen (fraudsters' note with the requirements), the user must pay the ransom of 100 dollars or euro and this is strange because the course is different. Read more [...]

How to remove Gerosan Ransomware and decrypt .gerosan files

Recently, more and more users are wondering how to remove Gerosan ransomware. This is a cryptovirus that belongs to the STOP (DJVU) family that has spread throughout the world. Despite the fact that the cryptovirus is aimed at English-speaking users, this does not prevent it from encrypting user files in all corners of the globe. Gerosan encrypts user data, such as photos, videos, music, and so on. In addition to encryption, Gerosan changes the file extension to .gerosan. Read more [...]

How to remove Muslat Ransomware and decrypt .muslat files

Today we will talk in detail about Muslat cryptovirus, which is increasingly spreading around the world. This is an extortioner that comes to the PC and encrypts user data in various formats, be it audio files, video, multimedia, or MS office documents. As a rule, this affects the most important data for the user. The bet is made on the fact that the user does not want to part with their files and pay any amount. Muslat encrypts the data using a sophisticated algorithm, then changes their extension to .muslat, after which the files become unusable. Read more [...]

How to uninstall (remove) hijacker from Mac

Surely many of you have already struggled the penetration of potentially unwanted programs on your computer. These can be adware, malware, pop-ups, browser hijackers and so on. In this material we will describe in detail the browser hijacker, coming to the Mac and Windows computers without the user's consent. For starters, here's how this grinder looks like: Read more [...]