How to remove SportMuze Search from Mac

SportMuze Search is a browser hijacker coming to Mac as a browser extension. First of all, it is worth noting that this makes changes to the settings of Google Chrome, namely it changes the homepage and default search engine. From the name, it becomes clear that the developers are trying to attract sports fans for whom SportMuze Search can be useful. Read more [...]

How to remove from Mac is a potentially unwanted program, namely, a browser hijacker. This malware arrives on the user's computer without being noticed and without consent. After penetration, this changes the browser settings of Safari or in such cases other browsers installed on your system (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). completely throws the user with advertising content, pop-ups and banners. Read more [...]

How to remove 23qp1 Ransomware and decrypt .23qp1 files

23qp1 is ransomware, referring to the number of crypto viruses that encrypt user data. The thing is the virus affects the most significant files for the user, such as MS office documents, audio, video, multimedia files, archives and much more. Of course, the question arises of how to remove 23qp1 ransomware and decrypt user files, but more on that below. Read more [...]