How to remove pop-up ads

What is is a malicious web attack. When you are at this site it will show fake messages. The aim of these messages is to trick you into the subscription to the notifications. After the click on the "Allow" button, this site begins to show you unwanted pop-ups. These ads can be for online games, potentially unwanted programs, adult site and etc. These pop-up ads can be shown even when your browser is closed. These pop-up ads make it difficult to use your device properly, so Read more [...]

How To Remove National Consumer Center Scam

What is National Consumer Center scam? National Consumer Center is an unreal company that offers users to fill in a form in order to win a prize. Most commonly they change their offer and users get a chance to win a 100$ prize card for spending 50$ in their shop, instead of free iPhone. Usually National Consumer Center attacks macOS users, but the tendency has recently changed. Nowadays National Consumer Center attacks also Windows and iPhone users as well. Usually, these advertisements are the Read more [...]

How to remove Ntuseg Ransomware and decrypt .ntuseg files

What is Ntuseg Ransomware? STOP (Djvu) is an extensive family of crypto viruses, whose number is constantly growing. So Ntuseg Ransomware is a cryptovirus from this family. The activity of this extortionist came at the end of July 2019 and it was originally written for users who speak English, but subsequently, Ntuseg Ransomware spread throughout. Ntuseg Ransomware encrypts user data of different types and formats, as a rule, which are most important to the user. For example, it can be photos, Read more [...]

How to remove QNAP-NAS-Encrypt Ransomware

What is QNAP-NAS-Encrypt Ransomware? In this article, we describe possible ways and provide you with the instruction on how to remove QNAP-NAS-Encrypt Ransomware and how to decrypt .encrypt files. This ransomware is usually spread by e-mail messages, infected installers, different types of injections and other ways. There is no difference in how you've been infected, such malicious programs always have the same principles of work. When QNAP-NAS-Encrypt ransomware infects your device, some of your Read more [...]

How to remove PUP

What is is one of the biggest Russian internet services. This site provides free e-mail system, search engine, news blog and etc. Moreover, also produces different types of software to provide its services. And to make a user use their services they use some dirty tricks. is one of them. This program usually bundles with other software and users install it accidentally. However, this program doesn't damage your data or system files, it's a Potentially Unwanted Read more [...]