How to remove is presented as a legitimate search engine like Google or Yahoo. Unlike other similar fake search engines, this doesn't look suspicions. Its design is quite ascetic and you won't find many ads or sponsored links here. Read more [...]

How to remove Seen On Screen

Seen On Screen is a dubious application which gets on your PC in form of browser extension. The program behaves brazenly by changing forcibly browser settings in such a way that will now be your default homepage and search engine. Users are unable to get back previous configuration, since the program automatically reassigns them. Read more [...]

How to remove is a bogus Internet search engine which secretly gets on your PC. At first sight, is not significantly different from other familiar search engines like Google or Yahoo. According to developers, the program has advanced technology able to improve Internet surfing performance. Read more [...]

How to remove is a forged search engine which is categorized as potentially unwanted program. There are many identical applications that claim to provide the ultimate online search experience. In fact, they just gives altered search results with sponsored links. Read more [...]

How to solve svchost.exe (netsvcs) high disk usage problem on Windows 10

If your system works on Windows 10, you might face this problem. Svchost.exe is a legitimate Windows 10 host process that serves for proper Windows operation. But sometimes, this critical process could be the reason of slowing down the system performance. Read more [...]