How to remove is a potentially unwanted program responsible for redirecting you to webpage within browser. In addition, this malware injects its own advertisement which will be displayed on every page you visit. Frankly, is not a virus and it can’t cause serious harm to your system.

How to remove is a fake search engine which penetrates the computer as a browser extension without user noticing. Developers promote their product in the guise of a necessary tool capable of enhancing the browsing experience. The program allegedly provides access to improved search results based on your preferences.

How to remove “Your Computer Has been Blocked” pop-up

“Your Computer Has been Blocked” is a scam message that popping up whenever you surf the internet. This malware displays “Your Computer Has been Blocked” to mislead credulous users. Developers created this program to make people think that their computer has been infected with the virus.

How to remove “talktalk survey” pop-up

“Talktalk survey” (“tiscali surveys”) is a pop-up window which is displayed in form of short survey while browsing websites. This pop-up pretends to be legitimate one, however, it has nothing to do with popular web service with the same name.