How to remove Prandel Ransomware and decrypt .prandel files

What is Prandel? Prandel is a malicious program that belongs to the ransomware family of viruses, to be exact, STOP (DJVU) class. Such viruses have the same principles of the work: they install on a computer and then begins the searching process. This ransomware is usually aimed at different types of media files and documentation, to cause a damage to valuable files. Usually such kind of an attack occurs unpredictably. After the scanning process, Prandel begins encryption process, and then some Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker from Mac

What is belongs to the hijackers family of malwares. Such viruses get on computers almost accidentally, for example, with the help of bundles. When this malicious program is installed it can change your browser settings, as a homepage, preferable search engine, it can modificate your new tab option. Moreover, your browser always redirects you to this site, where you can find a search engine. This search engine is a fake, as it shows results from the Bing search Read more [...]

How to remove Tachyon Internet Security PUP

What is Tachyon Internet Security PUP? Tachyon Internet Security, as it's described, is an antivirus software. However, the reality is a bit different. Tachyon Internet Security belongs to the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), as it can slow down the work of the system, start suspicious processes, show different pop-ups. Such programs usually install with other software (bundle) and in the most cases, users install it accidentally. When this program launched it begins a fake process of seeking Read more [...]

How to remove ech0raix Ransomware and decrypt .encrypt files?

What is ech0raix Ransomware? Ech0raix belongs to the ransomware family of viruses, to be exact it's an encryptor. This type of viruses has a very interesting mechanism of infection. First of all it attacks only QNAP NAS devices, as such devices don't have an integrated security system. Then ech0raix begins to scan your device for your preferable language: it doesn't attack Russian speaking countries. If your device is a good aim for a hacker, the malware sends to your device a set of commands and Read more [...]

How to remove GermanWiper ransomware and decrypt files?

What is GermanWiper ransomware? For the past weeks GermanWiper malware attacked a great amount of computers and spreads very fast, and that's why it's necessary to know how to remove GermanWiper. This malware got its name not just by a chance: it attacks only German speaking countries. The way of infection is rather simple: hackers send emails that are disguised as a woman applying for employment. The message contains attachment with .zip file. When users open this file, their devices become infected. Read more [...]