How to remove hijacker

What is hijacker? When your browser redirects you to the webpage and your preferable search engine has been changed to the new one, it's for sure that your device is infected with the hijacker. Browser hijackers aim at the changing of the browser settings, such as the new tab option, homepage and preferable search engine. If the settings have been changed by a hijacker, it's very difficult to surf the internet, as a user experiences constant redirections and faces different Read more [...]

How to remove StuardRitchi ransomware and decrypt .crypt files

StuardRitchi ransomware encryption process The freshly found internet threat is called StuardRitchi ransomware. This ransomware belongs to the GlobeImposter 2.0 file-encryption ransomware family, that is also known for and AD ransomwares. The representatives of this family aim at the preventing a user from the accessing definite file formats. Everyone can easily become a victim of StuardRitchi ransomware, as all the ways of its disseminating are not stated yet. The method, that is the Read more [...]

How to remove Live Radio Pro Tab hijacker

What is Live Radio Pro Tab? Live Radio Pro Tab can be classified as a browser hijacker. The malwares of this type is called so, as they aim at the changing the settings of a browser. In the most cases, hijackers sneak into the system unnoticed by the owner of the device. Live Radio Pro Tab hijacker spreads mostly by the means of free software bundles. During the installation users face the trouble that it's unclear what kind of software is going to be installed and that's why this method cannot Read more [...]

How to remove Odveta ransomware and decrypt .odveta files

Odveta ransomware encryption process The freshly made internet threat, that can possibly infect every computer, is called Odveta ransomware. This virus belongs to the Ouroboros file-encryption ransomware family and has the same principles of work like representatives of STOP(DJVU) family: Nols, Werd, Ndarod, Leto, Bora; and Dhrama family: Money, Oo7 and CASH. The viruses that can be classified as ransomwares modify the files with the aim to make them unreadable by the operating system. One of the Read more [...]

How to remove Nols ransomware and decrypt .nols files

Nols ransomware encryption process The new internet threat, that everyone can face, is Nols ransomware virus. This threat belongs to the STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family, that has a great variety of representatives, for example: Werd, Ndarod, Leto, Bora and RECO ransomwares. The malwares, that belongs to this family, modify the definite file formats and prevent the owners of the infected device from accessing them. It's very easy to become infected with Nols ransomware, as hackers insert Read more [...]