How to remove Tarmac PUA from Mac OS

What is Tarmac? Tarmac is a Potentially Unwanted and Potentially Dangerous Application (PUA), that is a part of malicious attack that aims at collecting information about the user of Mac OS. The infection begins with the advertisement, that redirects you to the malicious website. This role plays Shlayer malware, then it shows a user the pop-up window, that asks to update the Flash player. If the user agrees, Tarmac installs without any problem, as it has official Apple signatures. When it's in the Read more [...]

How to remove Leto ransomware and decrypt .Leto files

Leto ransomware encryption process Leto ransomware is the freshest member of STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family. This type of malicious software is aimed at the modification of files with the purpose to make a user pay for the decryption. The most widespread way of disseminating of Leto ransomware is spam emails, that contain malicious attachments. Hackers add malicious code into harmless files, that activates once a receiver opens it. Moreover, Leto ransomware can be injected into the Read more [...]

How to remove Kazkavkovkiz ransomware and decrypt .*random-numbers* files

Kazkavkovkiz encryption process Kazkavkovkiz is a new file-encryption ransomware that is not related to any known ransomware family. This type of malwares prevents a user from the accessing to the definite file formats. It's very easy to become infected with this virus, as it has a lot of ways of disseminating. The most widely used one is spam emails. To be more exact, the creators of Kazkavkovkiz send fake emails, as if they are representatives of a well-known company, or apply for a job and add Read more [...]

How to remove Helpermcp PUA from Mac OS

What is Helpermcp? Helpermcp belongs to the class of Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA), that can possibly become a serious problem for the users of Mac OS. This type of malicious software is usually spread by the means of free software installators. In such case, this installator is called a bundle and Helpermcp installs together with a useful (in the most cases - not) software. Very often it spreads together with Mac Cleanup Pro, that is also cannot be trusted. The functions of Helpermcp Read more [...]

How to remove Hlpradc PUA from Mac OS

What is Hlpradc? Hlpradc is a new type of Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) that can possibly cause a great damage to Mac OS systems. This type of malicious software usually spreads by the means of so called "bundles" - free software installators, that are combined into one. In the most cases Hlpradc spreads together with Mac Ads Cleaner, or it can also be distributed with Mac Clean Pro, Advanced Mac Cleaner or Mac Fixer Pro. During the installation process, Hlpradc will ask your permission Read more [...]