How to remove Brusaf Ransomware and decrypt .brusaf files

Brusaf Ransomware encryption process Brusaf is a type of ransomware viruses that changes the structure of your files. This process is called encryption and when it's done, your files are unreadable. There is always a characteristic feature of this virus - new extension .brusaf. As you can see, you can't remove Brusaf encryption just by removing the additional extension. Moreover, you shouldn't do it, as you can corrupt your files at all. The aim of such a virus are documents and media files, as Read more [...]

How to remove Delete Facebook Messages hijacker

What is Delete Facebook Messages? Delete Facebook Messages belongs to the browser hijackers and it means that this malicious software is able to change default settings of your browser. These settings are: preferable search engine, the new Tab option and the home page. All these settings are changed in order to make you visit webpage. It's the advertisement page, where you can download a special toolbar. The purpose of this program is to collect your browser activity Read more [...]

How to remove MASODAS ransomware and decrypt .masodas files

Masodas ransomware encryption process Masodas is a member of a very widespread family of ransomware viruses, called STOP (DJVU). Viruses of this family are usually spread by email attachments and through open ports of your device. As soon as hackers get the access to your device, Masodos silently injects into your system and then begins the process of scanning (It looks for your media files and documents) and then encryption process. Masodas encrypts (changes the structure) your files according Read more [...]

How to remove Lotej Ransomware and decrypt .lotej files

Lotej Ransomware encryption process Lotej is a member of the most widespread family of ransomware viruses called STOP(DJVU). Such viruses infect your device by the means of malicious email attachments (usually it's fake emails from well known companies) and direct attacks through open ports of your device. As soon as the virus has been installed, it begins process of scanning (it looks for documents and different media files) and then encryption process. This process proceeds according to the special Read more [...]

How to remove Securify Search hijacker

What is Securify Search? Securify Search belongs to the class of browser hijackers, it means that such a program has an ability to change the settings of your browser. Such programs spread by bundles and users allow to install such programs themselves, as in the most cases, they don't pay enough attention for the installation process. When this software is installed, it changes homepage of a browser, modificates the New tab option and changes the preferable search engine. It's very important to Read more [...]