How to remove Grod ransomware and decrypt .grod files

Grod ransomware encryption process. Nowadays ransomwares are the one of the most widespread internet threats, that everyone can possibly face. Grod ransomware belongs to the well-known STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family. This family includes such malicious viruses as: LOKF, MOSK, TOEC, NAKW, Derp, COOT, Nols, Werd, Ndarod, Leto, Bora and RECO. However, these viruses are different, they have a lot in common. In the most cases these viruses spread by the means of fake installators and email Read more [...]

How to remove Quick PC Tuneup PUP

What is Quick PC Tuneup? Quick PC Tuneup is supposed to be a useful software. This program, as it's described, includes a number of tools, that will help the user to boost the performance of the operating system. If you decide to use this software, Quick PC Tuneup will proceed scanning process, that always detects a great amount of errors and threats. Then Quick PC Tuneup offers to the user to purchase the full version of the program in order to get rid of these problems. We should warn you: these Read more [...]

How to remove The PC Power PUP

What is The PC Power? The PC Power is described by the developers as the helpful tool, that boosts and optimizes the work of the operating system. It combines different tools like antivirus and registry cleaner and it makes everything more convenient. When the user decides to use this program The PC Power proceeds the scanning process and then provides the users with disappointing results. It says, that the device has a great amount of problem and you need the full version of The PC Power. In fact, Read more [...]

How to remove True PC Booster Master PUP

What is True PC Booster Master? True PC Booster Master is represented as a system optimization tool that removes unused and harmful files. It combines system optimization tools, an antivirus and scanner. When the users decide to optimize the system by the means of this program, it shows him a great amount of errors and threats, that can be removed only by the means of the full version of the program. It goes without saying, that the results are fake and cannot be trusted. Hackers want to trick you Read more [...]

How to remove PC Power Plus PUP

What is PC Power Plus? PC Power Plus is represented as the system optimizer and antivirus in the one program. This software is supposed to be useful one, but in fact it's not. If the user decides to use it, after the scanning process, he or she will see a great amount of system errors and viruses. Then PC Power Plus offers to buy the full version of the program in order to get rid of these threats. In fact, they are not real and all the results are fake. Usually PC Power sneaks into the system together Read more [...]