How to remove Ndarod ransomware and decrypt .ndarod files

Ndarod encryption process. Ndarod ransomware is a freshly found type of STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware and it attacks the definite file formats. Viruses in this category usually sneak into the system by the means the malicous code, that is integrated into a harmless file. The code activates once a user tries to open an infected file, that can be received with a fake email or downloaded from the internet. However, there are a great variety of ways of disseminating it among internet users. Read more [...]

How to remove Quick PC Tuneup PUP

What is Quick PC Tuneup? Quick PC Tuneup is a freshly made software, that users in the most cases install on their devices accidently. Commonly, it spreads by the means of so called "bundles". Bundle is a type of an installator, that consists of more than 1 installator. Usually bundles consist of one main software and optional ones, that are asked to be installed during the installation process. In the most cases the terms of installation are unclear and when the process is finished, users notice Read more [...]

How to remove Maftask process from Mac OS

What is Maftas? Maftas is a process that prevents a user from the deleting of Mac Auto Fixer software. This process opens Mac Auto Fixer program after the startup of the system. When it's open, Mac Auto Fixer immediately begins fake scanning process. The results of it are various problems, that cannot be removed by the means of the free version. Actually, there is no reason to worry about, the results of the scanning are fake. Malwares of this category usually provide users with advertisements and Read more [...]

How to remove Kiss ransomware and decrypt .[id-*random*].[].kiss files

Kiss ransomware encryption process Kiss ransomware is the newest version of Paradise file-encryption ransomware, the aims of which are different types of Office documents and media files. It's very easy to become infected with this virus, as hackers spread it by the means of software installators, malicious websites and email attachments. This virus in the most cases infects the devices unnoticed, as the code is executed by the system on a background. Moreover, hackers can infect your device directly. Read more [...]

How to remove Money ransomware and decrypt .[].money files

Money ransomware encryption process. Money ransomware is the second modification of Money ransomware, that was active in September and belongs to the Dharma file-encryption family. The other new version of Money ransomware can easy confuse users, as these versions differ only with email and encryption algorithms. The family of Phobos file-encryption ransomwares is very widespread all over the world and consists of such members, as Oo7 and CASH ransomwares. It's easy to become infected with this Read more [...]