How to remove is a redirect virus destroying all the work in the browser. This malware is hiding under the mask of the search engine, and at first sight it doesn't look suspicious. Hackers developed this tool with a view to spread various bogus software from third-parties such as system optimizer, weather tool, anti-malware program and so on. Read more [...]

How to remove is a browser hijacker that will mess up your browser's settings as well as corrupt searching results with sponsored by third-party ads. is usually bundled with some free software that average user may download on suspicious websites. This application claims to improve your searching results, but actually it will change your search engine and homepage to as well as corrupt your search results with redirection to harmful websites where you can get some more malware. is able to change shortcuts on your desktop, so that every time you try to open browser and click on its shortcut, you’ll open homepage. homepage is looking legitimate and clean, unlike other browser hijackers with their homepages full of ads or banners, but don’t trust this malicious application as it surely will corrupt your browser’s work. We’ll explain some more reasons to remove Read more [...]

How to remove VenusLocker ransomware and decrypt .Venusf, .Venusp files

VenusLocker is a dangerous ransomware that will encrypt all the important and sensitive personal files on your computer. This ransomware is very similar to Erebus, CryptoWall, FenixLocker etc. After finishing encrypting process with RSA-2048 encryption algorithm (AES CBC 256-bit encryption), this ransomware adds .Venusf or .Venusp file extensions to the name of all the encrypted data. There are also newer extensions: .VenusLp and .VenusLf. VenusLocker uses typical ransomware scheme to force you to pay them. After finishing encrypting process, the ransomware will state that there are no ways to recover your files but to pay ransom. These cyber criminals demand ransom about 100$ in BitCoins, but you can also get infected with another version of this ransomware, the ransom might be about 1000$ in BitCoins. Read more [...]

How to remove Hospital Ransomware and decrypt files

Hospital is the name of the one of the most dangerous viruses which is targeted at medical institutions. According to computer experts, about 30 per cent of identity theft-related viruses are especially created to infect Health facilities. It's no coincidence because cyber criminals are well aware of the importance of these data. Read more [...]

How to remove is a browser hijacker that is usually bundled with free software that average user may download on shady websites. This hijacker is able to spoil your browsing experience with a lot of its harmful features, that's why you need to remove After finishing sneaky install process on your PC, will change all your web browsers settings without your permission. As a result this malicious search engine will change your homepage to as well as corrupt your search results with sponsored links that may cause redirection to harmful websites. Read more [...]