Method to remove CoupMeApp

CoupMeApp is a new add-on for browser that can be installed without your consent together with any of the programs downloaded from the web. If you need to buy anything online, then may be this software will be useful for you, but you should know that CoupMeApp is considered to adware and is able to harm your computer and your mood, changing the default settings of your browser. If you think about your security and privacy, then you are welcome to use the instructions described in this article. Read more […]


Method to remove is a browser redirect that change the settings of your browser and make it impossible to change them back until you will remove and its add-on from your browser. If you are looking for the instructions that will be helpful in uninstallation of this browser redirect, then you are welcome to read this article and examine all the possible removal methods. If you are ready to get rid of this adware, then perform the chosen instructions and forget about the annoying redirect. Read more […]


Instructions to remove Box for You

Box for You is an add-on for browsers that was created as useful software to help users to find anything online. This program usually installs itself together with freeware that you can download from the web and it will ask your consent for that. Also this software will change the default browser settings and it will be impossible to change them back till the adware will be removed. If you are tired of Box for You manifestations, then you are welcome to use the instructions that are described in Read more […]


Method to remove EbookBrowse

EbookBrowse is a redirect in your browser that can annoy you every time when you open your browser. This redirect can be set as homepage with the help of any browser add-on installed. Just think it over and remember what software you installed recently. May be this is the reason of this redirect. Sometimes it is impossible to remove the redirect from the browser not having removed the relative add-on. Also you can not even change any browser settings. If you want to remove EbookBrowse from your computer, Read more […]


Instructions to remove is a browser redirect that annoys users with advertisements no matter want the users get the advertising information or not. Usually users do not set as a homepage or as a default search engine, it can be set together with another free program downloaded from the web. If you like ads that are shown by, then you can leave this start page, but be ready for the probable consequences: malware on your computer and your private information send to the third parties. If you are Read more […]