How to remove Smileyswelove toolbar

Smileyswelove toolbar is an add-on for browser that makes possible to use nice smileys on Facebook, Gmail and on other services. This toolbar is free, but not everything is so fine: when you install this program, the installer tries to add some other free unwanted programs into your system. If you want to use Smileyswelove toolbar, then be very attentive when you install it, you should check every step of the installation wizard in order to remove the ticks on the programs that you do not need. Why Read more […]

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How to remove web search Ask redirect

If you are reading this article, then all your search results are redirected to is not a virus, it is a website that is specified to answer users questions. This website claims that it provides users with very useful information from real people. But if this website is really useful, then why it uses some methods to force users to visit its search? Many people complain that they do not want to use, but their search results are redirected every time. So, I suppose that Read more […]

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Value Apps pop-ups removal tool: remove annoying ads

Value Apps is a browser add-on that can be installed into users’ web browser without their consent. Value Apps cannot exist in your browser being invisible, because it is impossible to use your browser not noticing annoying Value Apps pop-ups. You can see them, if you visit any commercial websites and e-stores, such as Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and many other websites. You should not click the advertisements in the box, because you will have to visit the website with this advertisement. And there is Read more […]


How to remove Fedex Crypt Virus

Fedex Crypt Virus is the infection that blocks PC, encrypts user’s data and asks him to pay a sum of money ($300) in order to unblock the computer and to decrypt the user’s information. If you see the alert message that includes such information, then you can be sure that you have Fedex Crypt Virus. The most unpleasant thing about it that you really cannot use you Pc until this infection exists in the system. You also can not use Safe Mode in order to remove Fedex Crypt Virus because the infection Read more […]


Findr Toolbar removal instructions or how to remove Findr Toolbar

Findr Toolbar is a browser hijacker that is able to be installed together with other freeware and shareware. So, if you do not know why Findr Toolbar appeared on your computer, then you should remember what freeware programs you have installed not so long ago. Findr Toolbar is considered to be a unwanted program and potentially dangerous one, because it changes the default browser settings without users’ consent and forces users to search the web with the help of its own search provider. If you Read more […]