How to remove International Police Association (IAC) virus

International Police Association (IAC) virus is a new type of infection that blocks users’ computer in order to frighten them and to make them pay money for the law violations that were not committed by them. This kind of virus is called ransomware and usually it uses the name of any serious official organization (such as police or other organizations) in order to look like more imposing. If you see the alert message from this infection, then you should not believe to it. The only thing that you Read more […]


How to remove Australian Federal Police virus (ICSPA Scam)

Australian Federal Police virus is a new infection that can pose a threat to the security of your computer. It is impossible to stop the process of penetration, just because you will not notice this moment. Your antivirus program is likely deactivated and will not inform you about the infection that is installing in the system. You will learn that the infection is installed only when you will restart your PC. It is impossible not to notice the presence of the infection, because the fake alert message Read more […]


How to remove Tidy Network adware

Tidy Network adware is a new infection that shows different pop-up windows that contain information about current coupons and discounts and the links to them. Usually the adware demonstrated the pop-ups when the owner of the PC visited web stores, social networks or some commercial websites. The program can be downloaded from the official website of its vendor and installed by the user. But more common case is when the user installs any freeware and the adware is the addition to it. If you did not Read more […]


How to remove Morocco Sûreté Nationale Virus

Morocco Sûreté Nationale Virus is a new version of ransomware infection. This infection can appear on your computer with the help of other infections or freeware that was downloaded from malicious websites. If Morocco Sûreté Nationale Virus is installed on your computer, then you should know that this infection installs itself without any noticeable signs. So, the owner of the PC will not understand that his computer is under threat of infection. But after the next reboot, the installed antivirus Read more […]


How to remove Redirect redirect is a new type of hijacker that can infect all popular web browsers. This infection is able to change the default browser settings in order to perform its malicious function. The owner of the infected PC usually does not notice the moment when the virus penetrates the computer, so he will not be aware of the situation till he will use his browser. If redirect is already installed, then the user will see the advertisements and the commercial links instead of Read more […]