How to remove Delta Toolbar

Delta Toolbar is a program that can be installed into your browser and become a part of it. Being installed on your computer this program causes constant redirects to, no matter what search engine you use by default and of course it will not ask you what search engine you like to use. Delta Toolbar will also change your home page and it will be a great problem to change it till the toolbar is still installed. If you want to change all browser settings as you want, then you should Read more […]


How to remove “This website has been blocked for you” virus (Survey Scam)

“This website has been blocked for you” virus is a new version of ransomware. Ransomware is the type of infection that force user to pay a sum of money with different tricks. “This website has been blocked for you” virus hijacks your browser and blocks the most popular social networks (Facebook, Youtube) and other services and makes a user to pay money to unblock them. This program can also offer different unwanted services for a separate payment. So, if you notice this infection on your computer, Read more […]


How to remove Avasoft Antivirus Professional

Avasoft Antivirus Professional is a rogue antivirus program that pretends to be a legal one. Avasoft Antivirus Professional behaves itself as a real antivirus, showing scan processes and results, trying to convince users that the program is very powerful and that the only thing that prevents your computer from removal of all viruses is the purchase of the license. Avasoft Antivirus Professional will show you that your computer is full of infections, but actually this program is a fake antivirus scanner. Read more […]


How to remove Bucksbee Toolbar

Bucksbee Toolbar is a browser add-on that can be installed into all popular browsers. Users usually complain that they do not install it, but often they just do not notice that they installed freeware on their computer together with this toolbar that was the additional program to this freeware. During the installation of freeware you can change the situation; you should just be attentive in the process if installation and remove the tick near the check-box that states about the installation of the Read more […]


How to remove Solid Savings

Solid Savings adware is a browser extension that shows different coupons when a user visits some commercial websites. If you are interested in online shopping, then you will like this program, but your computer will not. Different computer experts think that Solid Savings is a program that should be avoided because it belongs to adware type and can be a cause of viruses on your computer. The program itself is not a virus, but it can show you the pop-ups that can lead to some malicious web-pages or Read more […]