How to remove Rikspolisstyrelsen virus

Rikspolisstyrelsen virus is a computer infection that can be installed on your computer so that you will not notice its penetration. But after the next reboot your computer will be blocked with the infection that will ask you to pay some money as a fee for some law violations. You can be really frightened with the alert that this infection shows you, but actually, you should not even read it. Everything that states in the alert message is not true and even the name of the organization, mentioned Read more […]


How to remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus

ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus is the infection that blocks your computer and asks to pay $400 in order to unlock it. This infection belongs to ransomware type. The message that you see on the screen is just a scam. So, you and I know that you have not violated any laws, enumerated in the message. You should not even read the text of the message in order not to spend your nerves. And of course you should not pay any money that the infection asks. ICE Cyber Crimes Center Block virus will not Read more […]


How to remove Instant Savings App adware

Instant Savings App adware is the browser add-on that can be installed in any popular web browser. If Instant Savings App adware is installed on your computer, then you will see different advertisements, which are based on your personal interests, according to your search requests that you use. This adware is really able to follow your browsing habits. It can also record all the websites that you visit. So, these special statistics of Instant Savings App adware can be used in order to show you the Read more […]


How to fix “Windows media player cannot find the file” error

Sometimes you can see the following error message on your computer: “Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted.” Automatic solutions: {{BUTTON13|http://btechtips.paretologic.revenuewire.net/pcha/download|Download PC Health Advisor|BluebuttonPCHA}} This error message can appear when you play any music from your CD disk or from your library or Read more […]


How to remove Supreme Savings adware

Supreme Savings adware is a program that can be installed into any popular browser as an add-on and annoys users with the coupon ads, when it finds them on the online shops. If you do not know why the add-on is installed in your browser, then probably you downloaded and installed it together with the freeware. Most developers use different toolbars as a bundling program in order to monetize the incoming web traffic. Supreme Savings is not a virus for sure, but still it is considered to be an unwanted Read more […]