How to prevent ransomware attacks

What does "ransomware" mean? Nowadays, the internet is full of various threats. The one of them is ransomware viruses. In this article we would like to tell you about the ways hot to prevent ransomware attacks and describe the mechanism they use. Generally, they belong to already known family of viruses, such as STOP(DJVU) or Dharma. However, sometimes hackers create unique ransomwares whose encryption algorithms are unique too. In the most cases, ransomware viruses sneak into the system by the Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is represented by a website and a hijacker, that causes the redirections. This malware as the rule infect computers through various bundles. Criminals compile various installers into a one pack and make the terms of its installation so unclear as it's possible. It's necessary for them, as a victim should be unaware of this fact. Sometimes hackers even create fake installers and promote them by the means of fake websites. Such installers and sites always Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is represented by the websites and the application for a browser. As it's described, the purpose of this service is to improve the internet surfing experience, however, the real purpose of it is a bit different. If you are here, it probably means, that you are already infected with hijacker. This hijacker usually infects computers by the means of bundling. For this purpose hackers compile a number of various installers into one and write the terms Read more [...]

How to remove Uk6ge ransomware and decrypt “.uk6ge” files

What is Uk6ge? The one of the newest threats is called Uk6ge ransomware. This virus doesn't belong to any already known file-encryption ransomware family. Potentially everyone can become infected with this virus due to the ways it spreads. The most widely used way to spread it is the use of fake installers. Such files are usually distributed through torrent trackers, free file sharing services and fake websites. If we are talking about websites, they always look like the original ones. Often hackers Read more [...]

How to remove Doc2pdfsearch hijacker

What is Doc2pdfsearch? Doc2pdfsearch is represented by the website and browser extension. As the rule, such malicious software infects computers by the means of bundling or fake installers. Talking about the first case, it's a common practice for criminals to compile software packs and make the terms of their installation unclear. Due to this reason, victims install this program being unaware of it. When it's installed, it modifies the settings of the browser in order to Read more [...]