How to remove Kasiski ransomware and decrypt [KASISKI] files

Kasiski is a malicious application that is eager to force you to pay ransom for decryption of your files. This ransomware share plenty of features with Spora, MerryChristmas, Evil etc. After finishing encrypting process with AES cryptography algorithm, this ransomware does not actually add extension [KASISKI], but append prefix [KASISKI] to the name of all the encrypted files. Kasiski uses typical ransomware scheme to force you to pay them. After finishing encrypting process, the ransomware will state that there are no ways to recover your files but to pay ransom. Usually cyber criminals demand ransom about 500$ in BitCoins. In any case, once you’ve done payment, they are suppose to send you decryption key. But you should know that nobody can guarantee that they will help you, don’t trust them, these cyber criminals are not going to do their part of the deal. Mostly they are just ignoring people who pays them. You don't have to invest into this criminal scheme. Read more [...]

How to remove “talktalk survey” pop-up

"Talktalk survey" ("tiscali surveys") is a pop-up window which is displayed in form of short survey while browsing websites. This pop-up pretends to be legitimate one, however, it has nothing to do with popular web service with the same name. Read more [...]

How to remove Mac Adware Cleaner

Mac Adware Cleaner is a the unwanted pop-up for Mac OS which is especially designed to promote the installation of the bogus software - Advanced Mac Cleaner. Mostly, it is installed without user noticing as a browser extension. The pop-up will be appeared from time to time while viewing websites, whether it’s Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Read more [...]

How to remove is a malicious program that is spoiling your browsing experience, it is usually distributed with free software that average user may download on shady websites. You need to remove as it will totally mess up all your browser's settings. After finishing stealthy installing process on your PC, will modify all your web browsers settings without your permission. As a result this malicious search engine will change your homepage to as well as corrupt your search results with sponsored links that may cause redirection to harmful websites. Read more [...]

How to remove Safe PC Cleaner

Safe PC Cleaner is a bogus antivirus software that claims to protect your computer from viruses. Once launched, it reports of threats detected on your system. To eliminate them, it demands to buy a full version of the Safe PC Cleaner. Read more [...]