How to remove hijacker

What is is the application, that provides users with faster access to the free online games of different genres, as it's been described. This application looks like harmless and rather useful one, but in fact it's rather dangerous. Once this application has been installed, it changes the settings of the browser, such as the preferable search engine, new tab option and home page in order to force the user to use the services, promoted by The Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is is described as a useful software, that helps users to download videos from YouTube and other services. However, it also redirects the user to the questionable websites, that promote different types of malwares, like hijackers, trojans, PUPs and etc. In spite of this fact, it's very dangerous to use services. However, we can characterize this software as a browser hijacker, it doesn't collect the information about the user. But websites, that it promotes, Read more [...]

How to remove Advanced Driver Booster PUP

What is Advanced Driver Booster? Advanced Driver Booster is supposed to be a useful program. This software helps the user to find out of date drivers and update them. This program spreads by the means of bundles, advertisements and, in the most cases, it's a surprise for the user to find out, that this software is installed. According to this fact, we can describe Advanced Driver Booster as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). If a user decides to use Advanced Driver Booster to update the system, Read more [...]

How to remove AdLoad from MacOS

What is AdLoad? AdLoad is a new internet threat, that potentially can infect every device. This program may be described as an adware for the number of reasons. This program spreads by the means of fake installators, that are signed with an original signature, so the build-in defense system doesn't react. Once it's been installed, it provides the users with the great amount of advertisements and forces the user to visit questionable websites. AdLoad can easily install software without the user's Read more [...]

How to remove PEET ransomware and decrypt .peet files

PEET ransomware encryption process. PEET ransomware is the one of the newest internet threats, that can potentially face every user. This virus belongs to the very wide-spread file-encryption ransomware family, that is called STOP(DJVU). This family includes a great amount of members, such as: GROD, MOSK, TOEC, NAKW, Derp, COOT, Nols, Werd, Ndarod, Leto, Bora and RECO. PEET ransomware usually spreads by the means of email attachments and fake installators, that can hardly be differentiated from Read more [...]