How to remove Free Online Manuals

Free Online Manuals is a browser hijacker that comes to the computer without the user's consent, complete with free programs and utilities from the Internet. As a rule, it comes unnoticed as a browser extension and hijacks the browsers installed on your system, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Oprea, and so on. After penetration, Free Online Manuals changes the home page of your browser and replaces the search engine with Free Online Manuals New Tab Search Read more [...]

How to remove Truke Ransomware and decrypt .truke files

What is Truke Ransomware? Truke Ransomware is a cryptovirus, the advent of which can greatly harm the user. Truke encrypts user data of various formats and content. For example, audio, video, multimedia, MS office documents and other files may be subject to encryption. Also, Truke assigns these files a new .truke extension. After the changes are made, the files become unusable, which raises the question of how to remove Truke Ransomware and decrypt user's files. Also, the virus creates a text document Read more [...]