How to fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error in Windows 10

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error randomly appears on your Windows 10 computer and you are concerned about it? Then you have come to the right place. The main reasons of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error in Windows 10 are: A problem between video card driver and the operating system; It may also be a software problem; An issue with some startup program; Some of Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries are missing. Read more [...]

How to fix DNSAPI.dll error

DNSAPI.dll is a system file that’s used by the Windows “DNS Client” API. Put simply, it’s a file that helps to route Internet traffic to the correct addresses, and it is used every time when you surf the Internet. DNSAPI.dll is a shared file and exists as a Windows component. Despite the fact that it provides many benefits for program developers, this separation also could cause a problems. DNSAPI.dll error message appears when your computer is started and when your program is launched. Read more [...]

How to remove Crypto1CoinBlocker ransomware and restore files

Crypto1CoinBlocker is a ransomware that is very similar to Xorist, Erebus, HakunaMatata etc. First Crypto1CoinBlocker ransomware breaks into your system, then it encrypts most of personal files. After finishing encrypting process with RSA-2048 cryptography algorithm, this ransomware adds .1AcTiv7HDn82LmJHaUfqx9KGG55P9jCMyy file extension to the name of all the encrypted data. Read more [...]

How to remove Satan Ransomware and decrypt .stn files

Satan is a ransomware virus, having its own web service (Raas). Once infiltrated, it denies access to files using RSA-2048 and AES-256 encryption protocol. Each encrypted file is appended with .stn extension. Satan ransomware further places HELP_DECRYPT_FILES.html file on the desktop. The message reads, that victims must pay the ransom to decrypt data, otherwise they will be unavailable forever. At present, there is no tool capable of decrypting files affected with using RSA-2048. Read more [...]

How to remove

What is If the first thing you see when you open web browser is the web page with this address - - that means you've got infected with the virus, that's why you need to remove redirect in order to prevent any further consequences. is a browser hijacker that is usually distributed through free software that average user may download on suspicious websites. This application will change your homepage to as well as spoil your browsing Read more [...]